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My Story by Kathy Gold

Kirstie Alley

My analysis of her and her bullshit. She was my step mother OT3, and my mother by DNA in that life with Nikki with the 4 children.

OT 3, my grandfather by marriage, who I already knew. He was the chief of police for the entire galaxy. Rudy Giuliani.

My father knew him, he was the commodore, he had alot of comm lines. My father met her thru her father, a fundraiser or ball or some event. After they met, they started playing the aberrated 2d game, he would watch her from a distance, to see if she expressed her feelings, or is she 1.1 playing games. He was tired of these kinds of women, he hated manipulative women. They lie, stab you in the back and cheat. His 1st wife was like that. So they played the aberrated 2d game. She knew who he was, please. And when he got his confirmation, he approached her for marriage. Not a fuck. They got engaged, no sex before marriage. He didn't want to marry a whore.

So now Rudy was my grand father by marriage. I already knew him, I did some undercover work for the police, he was fully aware of who I was, remember my dad.

In present time, I never met him but I read his PR. So on my journey, I watched him, he went to go work for a security company, I was like hmmmm ok. This is interesting, now what would he be privy to? Emails, Knowledge reports, info. What on? Sheriff Lee Baca, his twin brother from OT3. He was already enturbulated, his soul. His brother was connected to this church by David Miscavige in a galaxy far far away. Or same shit, different day.

I also saw how he handled 911, on the ground floor before I started my journey, my acupuncturist Rachel Russell we talked about him, she's from New York and she told me, how he ran New York, like no tomorrow. I like Rachel, she's very cool. We just clicked, on the same page. Plus she was a great acupuncturist.

In the psych hospital, in 2008, they asked me what I thought about Rudy Giuliani, I thought that was a strange question the psych nurses were asking me ok. They asked me who I wanted to win for President, I told them. Then they wanted to know why? Both black btw. What lead up to that decision etc etc. I told them, 911 and a movie. That was it? Yep, that was it. They were dumbfounded ok. How dare I want to vote for him. This is in the psych hospital ok.

As for Sheriff Lee Baca, I was watching what was going on in his neck of the woods, Green on Gold, Sheriff colors. He was a sheriff too in a galaxy far far away. So I was watching that whole thing play out in the press, the corruption charges, the problems they were having in that county with the meth drug dealers going after cops, blowing up pipe bombs under cop cars, and of course, the big one of all, we need money for these prisons or it's getting shut down. And wholetrack, whooooosh, OT3, the wars were with the implanters, money. The fleet would have to put their ethics in by force, meaning more then one war. LMAO. How do you think I got pregnant, 4 times, ok didn't just happen for no reason ok, not after the life before me, pre OT3. Ok. My operating basis, I retire into middle class heaven, not while on the job ok.

I doubt Kirstie Alley will be getting off this rock, to think her money contributed to almost my death and of course after, all those ops run on me, plus payoffs to the folks etc etc. Whether she's spinning on her 2d, her past lives, makes no difference, the fact of the matter is, she never did the right thing and allowed this church to use her and manipulate her into doing the wrong thing. And then continues to preach their virtues.

Now did, Kirstie Alley betray her own family? OT 3, that would be me and my father, the Commodore, I don't know. Only she knows. Her past lives. Not mine. Did she betray the fleet? I don't know, again her past lives, not mine.

Updated July 14, 2013

Kirstie Alley is well aware of me and this website as well as the person on twitter that retweeted my tweets years ago about her.

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