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My Story by Kathy Gold

Kirby Vacuums

So, I answered an ad on craigslist. I really love sales, direct sales, to me all sales is, is just talking to people, my viewpoint, you get to talk to people and get paid for it.

So, this was the 3rd time I called this company. 1st time I spoke to Kevin, the 2nd time a woman from their Studio City office. 3rd time, I spoke to Kevin again.

When I finally went to an interview in Moorpark, my interview was with Kevin. He led me to believe that if I worked on the weekend, I would make money by Tuesday, meaning get a check. I thought, great. I'm committed. I'll work 7 days a week to make this happen.

So, they scheduled training for Wednesday 12-5, Thursday and Friday 9-5 and out on appointments to do demos on Saturday and Sunday. I got a call on Monday and it was pushed back, the schedule. To now Thursday 12-5, Friday and Saturday 9-5. That was it. I was like ok, I guess then I'll be doing demos on Sunday.

I went in on Thursday and was told, the appointments we were gonna have, we have to contact family and friends and set our own. I was told by Kevin in the interview when I asked him, do we do cold calls, he said, no, no cold calls here, it's all set up.

I have no family or friends, so now I was at a disadvantage. They also gave us a number to call between 6:00pm and 7:00pm. I ended up talking to Kevin, I explained to him I had no family or friends that were qualified. I also told him, if I call business owners, their business would be closed, it's 6:30pm by the time I got home, so realistically it's not possible. I asked him if I could go out on an appointments, he never really answered my question but told me he had a degree in psychology and that I was asking Josh the person that gave the training to many questions. I should not ask questions, write them down and at a later time ask Josh. I got it's all me, me, me. Ok. Of course it had nothing to do with Kevin and his agreement in the interview, I was there because I really wanted to sell this product. At the end of our conversation, I was told by Kevin, I qualified to work for Kirby. Ok, this is a weird sales trick. This company did that after the first interview.

I went online and did my homework, I didn't care about the bad reviews of others, I wanted to know about the company. There was one woman that sold me on me selling this product, she sells Kirby too, her mother put the review online and her daughter really has fun selling this great product and making money, she's been with the company for 5 years and left and came back because of this fact.

The people didn't discriminate, this was not about skin color or religion or anything. Only about merit.

Their outpoint, they refused to look at my situation, no compassion or understanding. It was all about them. Us and them.

Which is really wacked cause I'm not an employee but instead an independent contractor or per their documents an independent dealer/distributor, it's on the contract I signed.

So yesterday, in training I found out that I have to go to a rally on Tuesday in Ontario, the night before, the owner Nate would pay for the hotel and a bus. That's great but I was looking at making money right away to handle my bills. Rent is due on the 1st. I asked Josh if I could go out in the field, I was willing to go knock on doors, canvas, get appointments etc etc, he said, be here at 9:00am, bring your lunch and I will send you out into the field.

So today, I got there on time, at 9:00am. I asked Josh what was happening. He told me, that he didn't have it worked out yet and worst case scenerio, I would have credits, meaning points that go towards future gifts and prizes. That was unacceptable to me. I told Josh yesterday, I have rent to pay, I'm a single woman, with no family, no kids. Nobody to help me. I rearranged my schedule to make this go right. I told him, I'm not just in it to win but committed. So I accepted what these people told me on face value, work on the weekend and I'll get paid on Tuesday. I was there to sell product not go on appointments. Had I known upfront the runaway of actually doing this, I would have made arrangements in my life so that I could do this.

After speaking to Josh, I told him, I have to go handle my rent, bills etc. I told him I understood, company policy, rules. It was more important for me to get back on the phones and sell some websites to handle my financial situation then to go to a rally in Ontario. Remember, nobody is paying for my time, this was not a salaried or hourly job. This is commission only.

I also told Josh, if and when I decide in the future to do this, I will let them know.

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