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Katie Holmes

Before Katie Holmes married Tom Cruise she signed a pre nup. Her father is an attorney and did his research, his homework, he was worried about his daughter, because he loves her, this is what father's do, they look at their daughter's future even when they don't want to look at it, even the worst case scenerio. This is life and how life works, especially with a family that loves you for you.,,20609622,00.html,,20609303,00.html

Kudos to you Katie and her dad for planning ahead, they both knew who they were dealing with and did the right thing, for Katie and Suri's survival, they too apply the ethics book, natually, normally.

It took a long time for Katie to get to this point, she didn't want to go down this road, she really loves Tom, with all her heart and soul. This was not an easy decision for her to make, but based on Tom's actions and David Miscavige's actions and all of his management crew's actions, she came to the conclusion, to put her child, her only child ahead of her desires, her broken heart and Tom's failure to be the man he needs to be as well as the father he needs to be.

I feel Katie has major reservations about David Miscavige, after personally experiencing his actions and of course talking to him. David Miscavige is the wedge between him and her. I'm sure she feels on some level, he might be a pedafile. She too read science of survival and saw the 1.1 band, covert hostility and the last thing she wants is her daughter near this man.

Right now, Tom Cruise refuses to look, he is blinded by these people around him. He is being blackmailed on his overts ie transgressions from past lives, including OT 3 he just won't admit it. There was no reason for Tom to go into meltdowns, this is something David Miscavige has been controlling, slowly so that Tom would become dependent on him, for his well being, his sanity. What Tom Cruise missed on David Miscavige is his involvement in OT3 and has been missing it for a long time. David Miscavige did this to Tom Cruise down the wholetrack and is hoping Tom will never remember, after all Tom was part of his church then too. David Miscavige didn't just watch Nicole or Katie from a distance, he's been watching Tom too. Remember David Miscavige doesn't just have Tom's confessionals but he has Tom on video tape, his auditing sessions. Nobody ever thought it was strange that Sumner Redstone didn't go to this church but instead went to the Kabblah Center lol He too knows how blackmail works, he's no fuckin fool either.

The last thing both Tom and Katie want is there daughter to be molested by David Miscavige, to Katie, he's a creepy, creepy guy. Her instincts tell her this, her guts as well, she's going on them and I don't blame her, go on your feelings, your instincts, your guts. They are there to protect you and your child.

Remember David Miscavige cut the 2d line in the sea org, he is catholic, his didn't apply his own catholic basics. Nobody in their right mind would cut the 2d for money, unless of course you don't like children, you have a disdain for them. 1.1 band does. They can't stand them. Too many problems to handle, too many variables to confront, too overwelming to deal with. It's a constant struggle, too hard to control.

As scientologist's we don't control our kids, we don't punish them or abuse them, or manipulate them, we talk to them, because we know they are spiritual beings. They are not animals.

When I was married, my niece Christina, we were baby sitting her, and she was throwing a tantrum, she didn't get what she wanted, so I kneeled down, to her level, looked at her in the eyes and I said, why are you doing this, what's going on, she said, very smurky, because, she huffed and she puffed lol I said ok, how would you feel if someone did this to you? And she told me, she wouldn't like it, I said ok, so then why are you doing this to others and she said, I don't know lol and shrugged her shoulders lol I then said, ok, so I had a talk with her, I told her, if you don't like this done to you, don't do it to others and she said, ok and she knocked it off, it was that simple, I just got in comm with her, the being, the spiritual being. And that was it. I didn't have to yell at her or make her feel bad etc etc.

I just got in comm with her, I granted her beingness, she was only like 6 or 7. I didn't try to control her, I just got in comm with her. Children are not animals, they have a soul.

After that she would come over and she was awesome, but with the rest of the family, they would spoil her, give her whatever she wanted to shut her up. She was extremely pleasant and fun to have around my house.To me, she was Christina my little ballerina.

And to Tom's security crew lol Katie is putting Suri ahead of herself, that's what she's suppose to do, unlike Britney who didn't. That's the difference. And your boss, Tom, he puts himself ahead of his kids, his reason, cause he's the bread winner, money. Money does not solve your problems, you solve your problems. You all better cover your ass, otherwise you'll be out of a job with no referral lol are you gonna write a tell all then, so you can eat, maybe go on the circuit like Michael's security team?

Money does not make a man, a man makes himself. Take away a man's money and he'll just die, not that hard to do in middle class heaven, but out there on the battlefield, money doesn't even come into the equation, it's all about getting the job done, ability. If you guys want to get to target 3, you better apply your ethics book.

Remember, figure figure think think lol computations flying everywhere, can you evaluate my food? Here's a hint Miscavige, Tom and Tom's security lol I cleared that level a long time ago lol My psych ops training lol fools, all of your implants now, not mine lol Ethics Tech baby lol Buyoh lol

Tell Bert to suck my dick lol Pencil pushing exec with a limp dick lol

Updated Monday July 9th, 2012

Now this movie should be good, after all Katie co-wrote the script, her real feelings, true feelings, on screen for the whole world to see. She's been a single mom in her marriage with Tom, all this time. He never saw it coming, bullshit, he knew, he allowed her to leave, walk for more than one reason.

Tom et all spinned their romance as Cinderella, but Cinderella woke up one day and realized her prince charming was not all that he was cracked up to be. Major baggage, not kids but his case, his past lives. Sure Scientology could have handled their past life issues, marriage counseling but you have to have trust, no trust it won't work.

I did marriage counseling with Dan Pesta when we were living together. He cheated on me. We moved in together, this was before Jon Mackinder. I asked Dan, about our future, he told me, we are just helping each other on the 1st and 3rd dynamic. Then I cognited, he's using me for rent. I sat there and made a postulate in the kitchen while washing dishes, I said, please lord, let him fuck up so I can leave lol. After all, we just moved in together, I didn't have the balls to walk out.

So, a few weeks later, in marriage counseling, I found out he was cheating on me with his ex girlfriend. He told me in there. After that, outside of the marriage counseling, he told me, if I told anyone that he cheated, he would blackmail me on my overts, what I said in the marriage counseling, which was sacred, confidential lol. It was quite introverting. My big overts, none.LMAO
It was all him, not me. This was pre Sea Org. Right after that, I went on staff at LADAY as a Div 6 Reg.

If you are gonna do marriage counseling with this church, you better be with a partner you can trust.

Dan, Dan the man lol His big secret, chicks with dicks magazines, he used to love reading them and then jack off. Ewww ok. He told me that outside of the marriage counseling, after we fucked when I was moving out. I don't think the church knows this info lol. What can I say, I'm an auditor surrounded by a bunch of idiot men, cheaters are liars are cowards. Dan couldn't save his own wife if he had to. He's married now to his soulmate in Costa Rica. I believe his lower bridge was paid for by some rich older woman, he borrowed the money and never paid her back, blew her off. But hey, he's in good standing with the church too, just like Jon Mackinder.

Did my postulate make him do it lol Really, that would be weird, and very robot like. He is 1.1 only cared about his reputation within the Scientology Community. He didn't care about doing the right thing. He was fucking his ex girlfriend before I even made that postulate, he was playing both of us at the same time. Using me for money and her for sex. A criminal. After me, he moved on and didn't get back with her.

So now when people want to tell me their overts, their transgressions, lol I'll just post it here for the whole world to read and tell them, go talk to your shrink or auditor, pay for it. It was out exchange for him to tell me outside of the marriage counseling, he didn't want to repair the relationship, it was never gonna be permanent, he was just using me for rent. Get it. He could have just been honest about that upfront but instead, he lied to save money on rent. I paid half of it.

Updated September 6, 2012

I became a woman when I had my child, Katie, Katie lol. So dude, see you on target 3 huh, leave these assholes behind and get a new man. We can double date there. For sure, he would never throw you under a bus for money or another guy and one who will acknowledge your feelings. Bros before hoes, gimme a break ok. I'm sure he's already playing with Jett and my dad LMAO, get the books, hole yourself up and let it rip. Give Suri to Tom to watch and don't forget to write your little ass off and then burn it, if you want. lol. Follow my lead dude, don't get stuck on this rock or left behind. One for all and all for one, may the force be with you.

Updated July 25, 2013

Katie Holmes is well aware of this website, I contacted her attorney's and told them. Just like John Travolta's. They were all contacted last year if memory serves me correctly.

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