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Kathy Gold and The LAPD

I won't mind taking this church to court with the LAPD, class action lawsuit for the tune of 1 billion dollars and their real estate. To handle the cities bk problem and secure the pensions for the LAPD.

They ran ops on the LAPD, read my site, get all the data.

Unfortunately, this is not my call, if the LAPD wants to do this journey with me, they'll have to handle and pull me in. I was the victim of a real crime in Aug/Sept 1998.

If I go to court against these people, civil, I need protection from the LAPD, and they need to understand, OSA will run ops on them, not just me.

I have no idea how the LAPD will handle. They have the resources including comm lines to the correct attorneys for this case. It's their call.

The lawsuit should read Kathy Gold and The LAPD VS The Church Of Scientology

Updated August 6, 2013

My landlady is nuts, crazy. She's a criminal, see evidence, proof, documentation, she tried to fuck the City of Los Angeles.

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