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My Story by Kathy Gold

Kat Von D

So, I heard thru the grapevine that Kat is Anti Semitc, she hates jews.

I assumed that when Kat was going on the Rosie Show, she would tell her side but that was never addresed.

Per Kat, it was a forgery

I'm not here to judge this person, it's not my job to find out if she's telling the truth or lying. I don't know Kat Von D nor have I ever met her. I have nothing on her or her life. I'm not here to bash this person, I do however feel sorry for her, she has HIV and cancer. I'm sure as she gets older and progresses on with her life, she will get worse, not better, eventually the HIV will turn into AIDS and it won't be a great experience for her, as her body withers away into nothing until she dies. GMO's, it's in the food, intestines, it will make it harder for her immune system to fight bacteria etc etc. Also the tats she wears, lead from china, your skin is the 7th organ.

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