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My Story by Kathy Gold

Karen Friedman aka Karen Freemon

The manager of where I live. She just came and told me, I can no longer park in the driveway. I asked her, where can I park, there is no parking on the street. She didn't know.

I asked her numerous times, she didn't care. So, I gave her a postcard to this site and told her to read my story, my side. She got the postcard and started walking away from me. It was weird ok, she was almost running away ok. Oh O, I missed her withhold huh lol Scientology, oh well.

She cut comm and started walking away from me. Her response was that I was rude to her at the bottom of the stairs while she kept walking. lol She just kept walking really fast, really weird. Hmmmm, has she been reading online lol Who cares lol Not my problem, her case, her condition. Maybe she should try psych drugs, that might cure her lol or not lol

This woman doesn't care about my feelings and was like who gives a fuck where you have to park, you just can't park in the driveway. She offered me no solution, I have to figure it out. Another problem for me to solve, while trying to figure out how I'm gonna survive. She's the manager, it's her job, not mine. She gave me this problem with no solution.

So what do I do, if I get a job working till 4:00am and come home and there is no where to park? No where up and down the street, why else do you think I parked in the driveway lol.

She's what we would call a crazy non scientologist or a crazy wog lol. She created a problem for me to solve, it's not my job to solve it. It's her's, I'm the renter.

Updated June 6, 2013

As of today, word is from Doreen, Karen is no longer the manager here. I guess they sold the place or not. I don't really know. I don't care. Karen is still managing the other properties.

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