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My Story by Kathy Gold

Jon Mackinder

So, in 1998 after everything was said and done, I was still the owner of my company, Digital Gold. I never blew from my clients. I finished up all the websites and web work that was pending, the clients that paid for services, I delivered, after I moved back home. I ended cycle.

Jon owed me money, and still does. I got left holding the bag. I had commitments, agreements to honor and I did. I finished up all the work and didn't pursue anymore new work from new clients. I closed up shop. I didn't dump my company, I closed my books, legally, by the law, taxes were paid, closed it all down.

I got a job working for Mole Richardson. I told the owner, Mike Parker when he asked me, I said, I'm looking for stability, a stable schedule, normalcy. He got it and was like ok. I also told Mike upfront in my interview with him, I'll get you sales, e-commerce. He was surprised, nobody ever was that direct about getting money in his door.

I honored my agreement with Mr. Parker, The Sopranos. I went around after getting us with commission junction, I noticed, no improvement in our sales. We were all like, wtf? We've got the goods, hot property, so I went and contacted all the Sopranos fan websites directly and hooked them up with our affiliate program, within 24-48 hours, sales. Mr. Parker walked in one morning and emails, orders, sales. He was so happy. He called my boss, asking wtf? But in a good way. He was really surprised, I honored my agreement with him. I told him, I would get him sales and I did. I came thru. Mole Richardson is a great company to work for. Good people.

Updated Sunday, November 25, 2012

So, after everything was said and done. Jon Mackinder blew and blew me off. He never paid me the money he owed me, I paid for his and mine IAS membership, his and mine PTS/SP course. He never stepped up to the plate to do amends for hitting me before my induced meltdown. He never stepped up to the plate and took responsiblity for my company Digital Gold, he could have gotten on the phone and got business in the door, but instead he blew. He did nothing to contribute to my survival on the 2nd dynamic and 3rd dynamic. This forced me to move back home. But he's on the video tape of me naked in my induced meltdown, the one where I was in and out of unconsciousness. See my story, my side

So when I saved his life, because he was gonna kill himself See my story, my side, in return, in exchange he killed me.

No amends, Jon, you're not getting off this rock and well, too much time has past to believe you. Oh well, not my eternity, your's, you'll have to figure it out LMAO oh no, I already have, too fuckin funny, You're not Jett, you never were.

No man would ever do what you did to me. you are a criminal pedafile and for killing me in Aug/Sept 1998, you're going into this rock for 1 billion years.

Updated July 14, 2013

Jon's 1st wife, Michelle Shelly Dee Mackinder. Jon's full name Jon Benton Mackinder.

Anyway, she was a bitch, she would call my house and scream at me, I WANT TO TALK TO MY HUSBAND!!!!!!, I was like ok, hold on. And I passed the phone. This went on every time she called. Jon never handled her, he never told her to fuck off and that she was disrepecting me, his new wife to be, after all, we were engaged to be married.

She was fat, ugly and a christian. I asked him, why did you marry her? He told me, to have a roof over his head. I was like ok. Now normally, if I wasn't involved in this church, you know we have the tech, we can handle anything bullshit PR line. I would have just said, "fuck you" LMAO. I never would have gotten involved, but I was looking for Jett in him. Ooops, I got it wrong, oh well LMAO.

His two kids from her, twin boys, Tristan and Jacob.

She would go over to his mother's house and bitch about him, my religion etc etc, that's all this woman did.

Now one time, he was to meet her in the airport, she was taking a flight out and had the kids with her, she was visiting his mom up at Santa Paula or Santa Maria, somewhere up there, anyway, he was suppose to go meet her and see his kids in the airport. He was so late, getting there, they left, he couldn't even make it go right to see his own kids. This is what an idiot this guy is ok. I was doing laundry and he put flowers in the washer. So when I opened them up, there were flowers there, surprise. Ok, first of all, those flowers weren't for me, they were for her, recycled flowers. And 2nd, him covering his ass for his fuck up. His own children, he blew off. He wasn't part of their lives. To this day, I bet you anything he hasn't paid any child support and she didn't take him to court for it. Both are at fault.

After I spoke to her on the phone before my induced meltdown, I did amends to her, I got her side of the story, see my story, my side she still loved him and was gonna wait 5 years for him to come back to her. They had 2 little boys. It would have been nice, if she said it upfront, after I first spoke to her instead of yelling at me. I would have talked to her and probably said, no prob, he's all yours. And that would have been it.

Now this bitch, what Jon was afraid of, psych drugs, that she would put the kids on psych drugs out of spite.

Since I'm not in comm with either of these people, I have no idea.

But he married Bobbie Faison and had a little girl with her. I have no idea if their marriage is legal or fake. After less then a year of us being together.

Now here's what upset me, on his myspace page, his blog, he used my induced meltdown to promote and market his music.

Here's his record company and his website company

His brother Craig Mackinder and his youngest brother Jeff Mackinder .

I got along with both Craig and Jeff, Jeff came and visited us. He was into drawing comic books. Both good guys.

It's pretty obvious, Jon never loved me or was in love with me. He was just using me, for money and a roof over his head.

I actually don't regret a damn thing, I'm glad this happened. Otherwise, I would have been stuck with him and his bullshit lies, supporting a lazy ass lying mother fucker. And of course, without that induced meltdown, I wouldn't have figured it all out LMAO while he's fucked for his bullshit, remember God saw the whole thing, I'm off this rock.

Remember Jon, after 1 billion years, your soul belongs to me LMAO You'll get a whole lotta pain, no 2d for you ever again, your 2d and your 3rd will be cut over and over and over and over again. I'll probably just put you into an unending loop or spin cycle forever LMAO.

Btw, notice how Bobbie has no social media presence? What's up with that, is she scared, afraid of communication, I'm gonna assume yep. No balls and she's supposedly an artist LMAO. Shelly feel free to blow her out of the water LMAO.

Oh and here's Sherry Katz with Jon

She's friends with Jeff Hawkins.

Updated July 15, 2013

Oh, Jon's hoping this website will propel him into rockstar status. He's nuts. I remember about that girl he told me about, I forget her name, she was in the Sea Org, worked at InComm, this was when he was married to Shelly, he pursued this girl too. After she was like no, cause he said the same thing to her, you're my soulmate, he was looking, she moved I think to Colorado, he told me he got data on her online, she got married and had a kid.

Now here's the weird part about Jon, when I was at CC Int, when they had the trailers in the parking lot, I walked by, I was in the Sea Org, same day as John Travolta and his meltdown, I saw Jon and I saw Shelly, they were both on course, I saw how fat she was, he wasn't. I said to myself, wow, he must really love her, I want a guy like that, that loves me for me. Man was I wrong LMAO.

Updated July 16, 2013,

Oh yeah, I almost forgot, Parker Stevenson was there that day too, in the trailers, I walked in and there he was doing TR's with somebody, not his wife, Kirstie Alley. LMAO

Updated September 1, 2013

Bobbie Faison, his wife, she's of hawaiian, japanese descent. Last I checked she was trying to paint a bowl of fruit LMAO hmmmm copying me LMAO she's not me Jon, she's an idiot who bought your lies, hook line and sinker LMAO. She's 2nd wife, and I dodged a huge bullet with you. No marriage and kids LMAO. You are fucked, you lost your soul. Btw, I never got his computations before and after my induced meltdown. He's a degraded being. Real degraded beings, you won't. And he's really a pedafile, that is who he really is. So Shelly, that's why he blew, from your marriage after the kids were born, he didn't want to harm them, sexually abuse them. Ok. That's the reality of it and most likely his little girl will report him one day, you'll have to wait until you read about it in the papers.

Updated October 30, 2013

I just looked at Jon's pics, I monitor every once in a while, man is his daughter butt ugly LMAO I am so glad I never had your kids LMAO I dodged many bullets by not ending up with you LMAO. You're no John Rzeznik. I was spinning on Johnny too when I was with Mackinder, I just didn't realize it. My OT3 case, not yours.

How does it feel to know, I cracked my case and obtained cause over my exteriorization and you never will. Instead when you die, chains will grip your soul, pull it back into this rock and entomb it, implants and all for 1 billion years and there's nothing you can do about it. LMAO or ha ha asshole, I won and you lost, your soul. Reality

After 1 billion years, your soul belongs to me for what you did in Aug/Sept of 1998. At that time I'll decide what to do with it, but just know it will include lots of pain.


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