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My Story by Kathy Gold

John Rzeznik

So, in a galaxy far far away, he was my first boyfriend, my first love and we were both in the music biz.. I co-wrote songs with him, I gave him the female viewpoint in the songs and all the girls fell in love with him. Our relationship was up and down, we'd break up and get back together. Whenever he felt me pull away, he'd come running. But only for one reason, his career. He used me to write great songs, he made alot of money and kept him in the spot light. I was behind the scenes. I wasn't interested in being a star lol. He really liked to mind fuck me to make me cry, introvert me to get my heart to bleed so we could write really great music.

It's manipulative and not how to create good songs. I didn't operate that way, I just wrote from the heart. With Johnny there was a void, he never filled it. I felt empty, depleted with him.

We had a very up and down relationship, we met in boarding school. He was like a teen idol, he started young, but he was not happy, he wanted to be taken seriously, a real musician.

In present time, I wasn't really stuck on him, I liked their music. Jon Mackinder actually pointed out the song Iris to me, he told me one day, this was his song, this was how he felt. At that time period this album came out it was a huge success.

I wasn't really looking towards him, I was just like, hmmm there is something there musically, he's hot but I don't trust him but he's a good guy lol. Is he my soulmate? So one of my neighbors, we were talking and she wanted to know what celebrity I liked, I was like well ok, this guy, the next thing I heard from her, her friend went to a party where he was at and I guess he fucked the music executive's younger wife. I was like ok, he goes out 2d, my soulmate doesn't do that. Still, I wasn't sure,so I found a message board, this was back in 1999 and read all the stuff on there about his sexual habits. He's promiscuous, he fucks people alot on the road. That's not my soulmate. But who is this guy, I'm drawn to him on a friend level, like I like him, I love him but I'm not in love with him, don't want to marry him or have his kids lol. I don't want him to die.

So then I actually joined his fan club. I've never done that with anybody. I found it boring, yawn lol so I didn't renew and had a fight with the guy that was running it, he was an asshole, they automatically renewed me without my consent or authorization and I had to fight with them to refund and stop it.

Definetly not my soulmate, strike three, my soulmate would never do this to his fans, ever.

So I read up on Johnny and Melina, his girlfriend and found out they have a kid. And nobody knows unless you went to a concert, it's on a vid on youtube.

While I was crossing the wall of fire, I ran out my feelings for him, his big serv fac, all the girls want me, ahhhhh! as he sings love songs to them lol It's part of the job here if you are single.

I introverted on this song and there was nothing there. I knew then too, back in 2008. But the puzzle was still not complete for me. Still a mystery, ok, well who is he then lol where is he? lol And why is he not here, wtf?

I grabbed on to Johnny when I was crossing the wall of fire, I knew he wasn't a nazi and didn't discriminate or hate me because I was Jewish. That's what I loved about him in a galaxy far far away. and in present time, he hasn't changed.

I've never been to a goo goo doll concert and i'm not gonna. I think he's extremely talented and gifted and writes lovely music.

I also had to sort out my past lives with him. Pre Earth, me and Jett, our psych ops days, him and Melina were doing drugs, actually she was dealing it, cocaine and using his concerts to smuggle it.

Jett came in as his security and he wanted to find out about Melina, if she was spying on him. So, Jett referred me. I came in and handled that, did the sweep and found the hidden cameras. He flipped out and in a fit of rage, strangled her to death. He was cheating on her with another girl. I was also playing that girl too, I already knew he was cheating on his drug dealing girlfriend.

Johnny was just an assignment, me and Jett used him to get to where we needed to go. After he killed Melina, we knew the police would come, so I released the evidence on the girl he was fucking online and she got her 15 minutes of fame. Her family was drug cartel, they came in and killed him, a bloody mess. I gave them their confirmation so they could have closure and know for sure it was him. Why put them through this bullshit, he killed her because he was cheating on her and in a fit of rage. She put cameras there to spy on him, she didn't trust him. I got what I needed, her black book, her contacts.

In a galaxy far far away, Johnny ended up marrying a model, when we were together, broken up, he got another girl pregnant, Melina but he never married her, he ended up marrying a model and they had more kids together. Melina just ended up getting child support. On their wedding day, Johnny did a big PR moment, for more than one reason lol besides promo lol one of my friends, Versace, he left the tags on her dress on purpose. He knew I was monitoring the PR and he was sending me a personal message, he did it out of love. His way of saying, I love you and his revenge for all the bullshit Johnny put me through and hurt me.

I only had one past life with John Rzeznik in a 2d way, OT 3, when the universe ended. The other was work, all business.

Updated Saturday, October 20, 2012

So in Texas in 2008, I went to the Lita Ford concert, I flew in and flew out. One day, I even left early, hours before my flight. I went to the concert, got there, walked up towards the stage, looked at it, then I started walking out. I stopped midway, there was environment shit on the right hand side. I looked at my concert tags on my wrist and threw it away in the trash. I said out loud, this is not what I want! I was also running my case, OT 3, Johnny, he did chase, not as good as Jett LMAO he'd run out of money LMAO. As I was walking out, leaving, standing there, I could see Lita Ford on the big screen, it was slowing down, her movements on stage, I heard a voice, it said, I didn't cheat and I said, I know she did LMAO, only I was thinking about Danny not Johnny. Danny was on my mind, not John Rzeznik and for sure not Nikki Sixx

Updated June 21, 2013

I was writing KR's when I started crossing the wall of fire to Int management via their online form and in one of those KR's I wrote about Johnny, I just didn't realize at the time it was about him. I was writing about my induced meltdown, what I remembered. What I wrote was, I was naked, kneeled down, Jon Mackinder was sitting down, by my front door, and I said to Jon, I have to go, I love you, but I'm not in love with you. I have to go, then I blanked out. They never bothered to talk me and get my side, what I meant, but now they do, it's all on that video tape.

Updated August 8, 2013,,20721044,00.html

Congratulations to the happy couple. Cherish the time you two have and your family. I hope both of you and your family makes it to Target 3. Btw Melina, I got your comm too, you felt like me with that premonition I had with Danny. You were looking at your death too with Johnny. I'm glad you overrode that, realized, what happened OT3, in a galaxy far far away is not now and I know you two have many many past lives together. Plus Johnny will save your life, if he didn't love you, wasn't in love with you, he would never have married you and he's a cop, he straightens out real easy. Ethics gradients.

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