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My Story by Kathy Gold

Joe Reaiche

I know Joe personally. I worked with him at Survival Insurance. He was Danny Masterson's step father. He was married to his mother. Joe was my senior at Survival. He was funny, an Aussie. He also invented toys, one of the things he was working on was a skateboard.

I remember when Trish, Danny's then girlfriend was working at Survival, the Hollywood Office, she went every where with Danny, she really loved him. A nice girl, don't know what happened to her. Debbie also worked in the same office. She was funny too. Very sarcastic, she handled the underwriting and gave all us sales people shit about our paperwork, but in a funny, nice way. She wasn't mean at all. She never made anybody feel bad. She always tried to correct and have a good laugh at our mistakes.

Anyway, I remember one day, Joe came in and he told me what happened. He was very very upset. His wife went to flag and they told him, she had to leave him because she had cancer and it was because of Joe. Ok. She had to disconnect from him because she got cancer. Joe was nothing but a loving guy to his wife Joe might not have been perfect but he loved his wife.

Right before my induced meltdown, I was in CC Int, in the courtyard and Joe was there. He walked up to me and we talked for a little bit and then that was it. Joe's a good guy and he's not responsible for his wife or ex wife's condition or her case. She was doing something out ethical to begin with, or it's out tech or it's her out intergrity. She allowed this church to separate her and her husband. She assumed, who cares, I have more money cause Danny is my son and I'm his manager.


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