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My Story by Kathy Gold

Jett's Dad From OT3

Mr. Xenu himself lol Sumner Redstone lol He ran all the implant stations 75 million years ago, in a galaxy far far away lol. Jett loved his dad, they were both on the same page, where Jett was not about revenge, I was lol this life it would be out-exchange, I'm not on payroll lol get it. You have to pay me to kill people lol otherwise it's out exchange. Not worth my time lol .

Jett and his father, both Wholetrack Psychs lol The secret is out. They love this shit, it's in their soul lol

I hate red tape, who doesn't lol We all had to sit in that chair, not that big of a deal if you're honest and not a liar, cheater and a coward lol Only best of best, elite, highest ethical and moral standards

Psychiatry is great for investigations lol I know all the tricks from A-Z lol just like Jett lol We're both wholetrack psychs aka implanters lol. Not SP's, we give people a choice.
We don't play God with people's lives or souls.

And Nixx Sixx is not a wholetrack psych, implanter, he's just a psych case, no responsibility or accountability for his actions lol Like David Miscavige

So now in present time, he's just COB, chairman of the board, but he's fucked too, don't worry his soul will get infused and en-tombed to this rock when he dies for 1 billion years for his crimes in present time. I don't know what they are but throwing me under a bus for a movie, is huge ok. Just like Nikki Sixx, he's not off limits either lol Please, I saw this video and Nazi Garb lol He too is dramatizing his case, his past lives. He was a slave master and a nazi, both lol. This is who he really is.

Sumner Redstone knew and he didn't care.ok. The movie was more important to him, than doing the right thing, for a woman he doesn't know or has never met. There will be a new guy that will take his place, that man will have high ethical and moral standards. Mr. Redstone, you're fucked. lol. He sold everybody out, mankind for Tom Cruise just like David Miscavige.

He could have ridden the PR wave off of Tom Cruise, his spy family past, Anons and of course Jullian Assange, and brought it home to the box office for real top box, just by speaking out and doing the right thing. But instead, he read, like Harvey and Rupert and zipped it. His implant now. Sometimes, Mr. Redstone, you only get one shot, to get it right. A PR moment in time that could have been LMAO

They all have one thing in common, they don't value human life, they will all throw you under a bus for money. Jett would never use the N word, he was one and so was I lol during the civil war, underground railroad assholes. We made wild passionate love, and I was a white woman lol ha ha.

And for me, think amistad ok, I felt those fuckin chains, if you have track on that, you will too. But you can break those chains, apply tech, Scientology.

We're all leaving lol I follow my soulmate, target 3. 2D book, women go first, we express our feelings and then men go lol it's the basics between men and women. Too many women, zipping it, not expressing their feelings. Becoming 1.1. covert hostility. Oh well. I'm a selfish bitch lol see Simon Bolivar Policy lol

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