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My Story by Kathy Gold

Jeff Gold

My ex husband, the only man I was married to this lifetime. I never married him for a name, I loved him. I hoped he would change and become the man he could be, but that wasn't the case. He's a DB pedafile. Ok. He really is.

As well as being an alcoholic who can't stop drinking, btw Jeff, try psych drugs, that might do it LMAO. He's also a scumbag who does nothing but lie up a storm. He's not worthy of trust. I met him when I was 16 1/2 thru his sister Sherry.

One time when we were partying, he flowed flows to his own sister, he's adopted not dna, his justification I'm sure. He thought it was ok, it keyed in my case, I was like wtf? It was weird, this is the same guy who after LRH died, he saw the 20/20 show about how it was a cult and was like you can go into that church but not my sister Sherry, cause she was interested LMAO.

He also commited open blackmail against his own sister, Sherry. Her and David Sherrigay got into a car accident, but David was driving Sherry's car, so they told the insurance company it was her, Jeff took it upon himself to blackmail her at that time, he owed her alot of money, she paid his rent when he was dealing cocaine, she didn't want him to go homeless so she lent him the money, she was like 16 and he was 22. He never repaid her but instead told her he would report her to the insurance company unless she would forgo that debt, that obligation. She was no fool and agreed.

This is Jeff Gold's moral and ethical level. Ok. He also went to jail at a young age when he was a phone hacker, his father Don Gold sealed the records. Jeff was adopted, I believe it was Germany, he thinks Mick Jager is really his father by dna. I don't really care, ok, he's nuts and really a degraded being criminal pedafile.

His mother and father went on vacay and told him not to have a party there, he agreed, broke his agreement and threw a party in their home anyway. Well, their home got ripped off because of that, their family heirloom jewelry got stolen. I told him, I sensed it, and told him dude, I think your house is being ripped off, he told me it was all in my head and I was crazy. Not that crazy huh LMAO.

He's a psych case, he takes no responsibility or accountability for his actions, he just bulldozes over it like all the other psych cases in present time. He did no amends to his mother and father for their house getting ripped off. I'm so glad I have no children with that guy. Ok. No regrets what so ever.

He's not a scientologist, he doesn't believe in past lives or improving your life. He's a failed musician. His full name is Jeffrey Scott Gold. He's extremely self absorbed and very shallow, he only looks at the outside of a person, not the inside. He was a really bad lover, no flows when we had sex and he only gave me an O, 2 times and we were together like 7 years on and off, even after we got divorced, not through the act of intercourse. He was like a dead fish during that process. Exremely boring, yawn, no imagination, no creativity whatsoever.

He also got a mexican cheerleader pregnant when she was at Birmingham High School, I think I was like in my late 20's, so that would make him in his early 30's, if that's not pedafilia, I don't know what is? I found out later thru his sister, she called me prior to my induced meltdown and told me the girl moved to Arizona and tracked him down, for what else, child support payments, he lives in Las Vegas. His current wife unless she left him, he met her through his sister Lisa, his wife's name is Debbie or Debra. She's also Christian and was reading Dianetics but I guess he belittled that too, I have no idea if she finished or what happened with that. The communication from him was designed to introvert me, get me to look inward and wonder, why is it ok that she was reading that book but me, he gave me shit for reading Scientology books. What's wrong with me bullshit. The reality of it is, there is nothing wrong with me, it's him, he's 1.1 on the tone scale socially, he's really below that. He introverts people to control them, he has no power over anybody least of all me. He really is a pedafile. Watch your kids around him. He's not a good guy, I saw him fucking so many of his friends over, just like how David Miscavige acts like he's Tom's friend but in reality is talking shit, Jeff did the same thing to his friends and worse.

Jeff went into LADay and got a free ARC break session, I found out later, like years later, that he went in there drunk ok. He never bothered to tell me after his session, yeah, he plots and schemes and goes into computational mode, all day long, that's all he does. His products are overt products. He's a mess. Put him on psych drugs for all I care. I don't. He can die tommorrow and I wouldn't give a fuck.

What I liked about Jeff was that he wasn't racist ok, he will just blame everybody else for the mistakes he makes and has made in his life, so he needs a girl that will take care of a drunk, a caretaker. You will get no O's, no love, no money, nothing, if taking care of a guy night and day and running after him cause he's drama rama, is your thing, go for it. And he's fucked alot of women, he loves porn girls, I know cause he told me the stories, he loves strippers and whores, big plastic boobs, blond hair. He hates rubbers, make sure you get tested first. I wouldn't touch him ewww.

These are my memories of Jeff Gold. No good memories, just a waste of my time. I was young, 16 1/2 what did I know huh. I'm 45 now and not spinning on my case, past lives.

Oh and our wedding night, after we got married, I got sick, that ball and chain, he gave me an ultimatum to marry him or I'd never see him again. I was like ok, whatever. I really didn't want to. Walking down the isle, I said to myself, I'll give it a year and 1 year and 1 month later, it was over.

And yeah OSA, those emails through facebook, I already knew, he was trying to figure out a way to blame OSA, ahhhh OSA is after me, help me ahhhh LMAO, cause this is who he is, get it LMAO.

He's also out of present time, for some reason he was really afraid I would marry a rich guy with a porsche or something ok. He thinks I'm somebody else, he's not at home. I never went by a guys car or mest or money, that's not who I am. Jeff really didn't know me or anything about my family etc etc. He really never knew me. He never even tried.

Updated Sunday, October 28, 2012

Me and Jeff had an agreement too, that we made when we were divorced, I told Jon Mackinder and he wrote a KR ok. How dare I make an agreement with my ex-husband. This was before Jon ever came into my life, Ok, we were divorced, you know the kind we'd have our journeys with other people and then get back together, kind of like Pam and Tommy. But, here's the reality of it. I changed my mind, a long time ago Jeff. move on. Jeff also told me when we were married that he didn't think he would live past 56, who the fuck tells their wife that, after you get married, yeah a druggie alcoholic loser, yes Jeff your postulate will come true, by your hand, your lifestyle. Nobody put a gun to your head and made you do drugs, made your drink alcohol and of course fuck people. I assumed you would get off drugs, and we could have a real life, that was in 1987, this is 2012, come to present time. Go find LeAnn ok. If you ever approach me in present time, I will blow you off. You were the past, I'm looking towards my future. And you really sucked in bed, no O's. A terrible lover. The good news is, my next husband is gonna give me O's, both and I him back. Wedded bliss. Btw Brandi, did you fuck Jeff when he was in town years ago, cause he's restimulated off of your pictures online ok and assumes me and you look alike ok. He's a weirdo LMAO. Drama rama, I'm done with musicians. Probably a gallery artist for me. One who will be loving, kind, supportive, not like Jeff Gold, user, loser and a criminal. I didn't trust him, I never submitted to him, I couldn't let my guard down with him, I never felt safe with him, I always felt like he was gonna try to blackmail me into something that was unethical and immoral. Per his actions he wasn't worthy of trust. I still don't trust him. He's creepy, ewwww. I can't believe I had sex with him ok let alone marry him LMAO Anyhoo, a learning experience, my journey, my life, not his. He thinks everything is about him and it's not. Nobody cares dude, move on.

To Jeff, the fact that Sixx wanted to fuck me is a huge compliment, this is how insecure this guy is. Wow some dude wanted to fuck me, guess what Jeff, 1500 guys wanted to fuck me LMAO big deal, do you see any of them reaching out to me? Yeah, they are just like you, creep online, read and no communication skills. Hiding, too fuckin funny.

But here's the kicker Jeff, while you tried to stop me from going up a bridge to obtain my spiritual freedom, cause over my exteriorization, you lost, I crossed the wall of fire and I now have it and you don't LMAO and you never will. When you die, your soul will go into this rock, you piece of shit loser scumbag crimnal pedafile. For 1 billion years. I'm not abberrated on the 2d, he is. Ewww. No ex sex, no revenge fucking, nothing, nada. You lost. Btw Jeff, my new husband, if you are still alive when we get married, he will get all the dirt, PI's and all, in case you come near us and our home. He will stick you into the looney bin for life and have them kill you, get it. Good.

Updated May 27, 2013.

So Jeff started his own securites company. Guess who did the sales? Me, I got on the phones when we were married and did outflow. The stats soared, business booming. Then Jeff, decided he didn't want to expand, a month later, crash and burn.

He couldn't handle the expansion. He was not happy as a business owner. He was happy as an employee. Jeff's not mob in any sense of the word. Just a loser pedafile. Ewwwww. And he does look like a pool hustler doesn't he? LMAO

Updated June 23, 2013

Another memory of Jeff Gold, we went to the beach towards the end of our relationship, marriage and we just sat there, we had nothing to say to each other. That's when I knew it was over. No communication. After I left, my mother helped me with the divorce papers, she told me where to go, my mother hated Jeff like no tomorrow. Since we had no children and owned no property, 6 months. I got the papers drawn up, I paid for it, I met Jeff in a restaurant and he signed them. I told him after the divorce was final we could date. I didn't want him to stop the divorce papers, all he had to do was file one document and that would have been it. LMAO So I set him up, so I could be free. Free at last LMAO No more ball and chain called Jeff Gold. 6 months later the divorce was final, he called from a pay phone, wanted to date, start again, new. I told him no. He got pissed off and hung up. I loved my ex husband, I was in love with him at one point, he just used all the love I had for him and threw it away, he just took, took, and took. He never gave back, out exchange on affection and love. He was also not creative in any way shape or form. He might be a good drummer, big fuckin deal. He was not romantic on any level, boring as hell.

I was young, he manipulated and spinned me. Can you blame me, I came from a broken home. I've never had a stable loving environment on that dynamic my whole life. That's all I wanted. Scientology can't help people like Jeff Gold, he's a criminal who refuses to take any resposniblity and accountiblity for his actions on the 2 D. I liked him cause when we met, he was direct, overt and honest. Looking back now, as I'm not emotionally involved, he's 1.1 on the tone scale. Covert hostility. Real artists change their mock ups, Jeff Gold still looks the same as when I met him even, his hair, his clothes everything. He doesn't have the ability to change or start, change and stop. He only has the ability to sit on his ass and whine like a little girl LMAO. He's also extremely jealous, I'm gonna succeed this life, my dreams will come true including marrying a masculine man who really loves me and will create on our 2d like me. Jeff, I really hate you ok. I can't stand you, I'll be really happy when you are dead, you piece of shit loser alcoholic druggie user. And don't worry, I'm tight LMAO my soulmate/husband will feel it LMAO you know like I'm a virgin LMAO.


Updated September 2, 2013

Receipt and contract for our wedding rings, that I paid for. He never paid for them nor paid me back. I put them on my credit. He never loved me.

1985 Catalog I was in with his sister, his father worked at this company.

Our Marriage dox

Notice we got married by a chaplain, on a boat.

Our Divorce

I made monthly payments on our wedding rings. If I didn't my credit would have gone bad. Couldn't have that now could I. So, I got stuck paying them off. I still have those rings, somewhere, bought and paid for, by me. I have no regrets, the man I marry, well, he will get me rings, big ole rocks LMAO

Oh that's right, I could have had 1/2 of his business LMAO Security business, but I passed.


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