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My Story by Kathy Gold


From the New Slant On Life Book, Fear of Hidden Comm lines. So the first thing these types of men look for are the hidden shit. They disregard direct,overt communication and go for the hidden shit, what's hidden, what is she hiding.

It's always the same pattern of behavior. Hidden. He's hiding somethings so he's assuming you are too. These types of men are better off with women that are 1.1 covert hostility. A perfect match. These women are always hiding something, their past actions, in present time and past lives.

I'm not a jealous person by nature. My comm lines are open. Jon Mackinder was a jealous person, it was ok for him to talk to all these women to promote his art but when I was talking to a guy, he'd get jealous and tried to cut my comm line. Jealously does not equal love Nor does psycho behavior. I never got Jon's computations, he's a degraded being. To weak, small, teeny, tiny in a big body. Think baby huey. That is how I see this guy. He's a whiner and his art is shit. Copy cat.

It was clear to me as a fuckin bell that Jon Mackinder did not give a fuck about me. I came home one day after buying groceries at the store, in I walk and he's on the computer, chatting with some bitch. Instead of getting off his ass to help me carry in the groceries, it was more important to sit there and chit chat. He constantly spinned me and lied to me. Jon Mackinder is not mob on any level. He's a user pedafile. And Scientology will not handle him. No responsibility and accountability for his actions.

He'd also go out of present time on the computer. Seeing things that weren't there. One time he told me he fucked up a woman's website through his browser, microsoft internet explorer just by looking at it. It's impossible to wipe out someone's entire website from a browser, by looking at the website. But that's what he said happened. His confession when we were talking. Just out of the blue he starts going on about this. I told him, it's impossible, he said, it just happened. He got mad and was adamant that, that is what happened. I didn't push it any further. I just let it go. I said, ok. fine. I wasn't gonna sit there and argue with him about this, I had more important things to do, like, work, seeing clients, etc etc. He goes unconscious, blanks out, like Juliette Lewis, can't remember the crimes they've committed in present time let alone past lives.

In this book, Getting To I Do, the part where you are suppose to speak backwards so the masculine guy can figure it out is fucked up. I'm backwards, that's normal, I'm mob. I do it naturally, nomrally. Not forced.

He can figure out what I'm saying when I'm talking overtly, directly, honestly. No need to change and now try to speak backwards LMAO.

I'm not into jealous guys, I'm not insecure and needy. Don't need some dude jealous to make me feel like he loves me. I prefer the simple things, a walk, a talk, holding hands. Honesty.

These guys like Jon Mackinder, they are this church's public, degraded beings and pedafilie losers. Jon, go rip someone off so you can go up a bridge LMAO it's all ok, they have the tech, they can handle you. They want psych cases, people who take no responsiblity and accountiblity for their actions and of course hit women, are abusive and using them. Look at the leader of this church, he sets the example they all follow. He also takes no responsibility and accountability for his actions. I'm sure he blanks out and goes unconscious too.

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