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My Story by Kathy Gold

It's Not Meant To Be

As an implanter, I can work my implants lol. For example, when I was listening to this song, I used music to bring my confront up, to confront all the evil, connected to my thing in 1998.

So when listening to this song, I could hear the words, court. lol I knew it meant go to court, sue. It's a pro survival thing to do, etc etc.

Other people will hear other things when listening to music, everybody's journey is their own. Implants can guide you too on your journeys. Not all implants are bad.

So what does it feel like to feel the burn, it feels painful and hot, radiation. You'll feel it, after you die for 1 billion years. So, I'm telling you now, so you will know and understand what you are experiencing. There won't be any light when you are infused and en-tombed into this rock. I'm sure, you'll go anaten, to forget, but you'll be feeling it for 1 billion years. Now, doesn't that feel good to know that you're fucked lol.

Cause over exteriorization is implanter technology and not for the masses, not for public consumption. You have to be an implanter to fully understand, a wholetrack psych. There is no degree you can get to be a wholetrack psych. Only people who have high ethical and moral standards.

Take Paul Edmeier from 1928 Jewelry, he's fucked, nobody with high ethical and moral standards would do what he did to me. He's a criminal, I suspect a pedafile. So, it's good that my journey happened this way. We're not releasing pedafiles or rewarding them.

The psychs of today are too lenient and can't figure out what makes a pedafile. I saw that show on Oprah, where they put them on an island. Wow, big deal, major failure. Just like years ago, I found out , government money went to certain groups where they took babies and touched their private parts to see if they got a rise, little baby boys if they got an erection and little baby girls if they got vaginal secretions etc etc. That's gross ok and our tax dollars paid for it. The babies didn't do any good from that experience but I bet the people who did the touching got off on it, they got paid to molest babies. That's sick and not medical ok.

Can't common sense tell these fuckin people it's wrong, all in the name of science. They got paid millions of dollars to molest little babies. And those babies can remember, it restimulated their case, past lives where they were molested, harmed, hurt by a pedafile. Would you do that to your child, to your baby girl or baby boy? Get paid by some medical study so that doctors could do that? I wouldn't. I know it's wrong.

The bridge is a gradient so you don't die. OT3, the last major incident on the time track when the universe ended. Here on planet earth will be the 4th incident.

After OT 3, the OT levels OT4 OT5 is to handle your drug case, past lives where you took drugs, succumbed to drugs. I didn't need that level. I just stopped, I applied my ethics book, conditions. The ethics officer that helped me in the Valley Org when I did do drugs back in 1986, she was an ex-psych nurse, she's on OT8, last time I checked, Terrie Arnold.

Terrie was great. She was helpful and nice, not mean or ever made me wrong. Or feel bad. It was the first time, I applied conditions, she showed me the ethics book. I stopped doing drugs after that and never started ever again. I don't have a drug case. I applied my religion. Scientology.

For you wholetrack psychs out there lol other implanters lol feel free to read, peel those layers huh lol our fav, to get to the core, the root of the problem lol. You feel that spin, then you're not an implanter lol

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