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My Story by Kathy Gold


Here in California it's the law to have insurance. A law the people didn't vote for, it was passed on our behalf by the insurance companies, to make their lives easier not ours.

Any way, today, September 26, 2012, I got into a car accident, I re ended this dude in an SUV. He had a few scratches on his bumper while my lights are screwed up.

I told him, the law, if it's less than $500 in damages, he didn't have to report it. He didn't care, he wanted to report it, he took pictures of my lights and his bumper. We exchanged insurance info.

So, he's gonna report this and this goes on our driving records. An accident. Now since there was no police called, no ambulance, no blood, it will go on both our driving records. He has no proof to prove it was not his fault, so if he ever changes insurance companies, he'll have to pay more money for his insurance.

Me on the other hand, I've got 1 speeding ticket and now I'll have 1 accident. Oh no, I'm sure the insurance company will now kick me to the curb. Oh no, what shall I do, I guess not a damn thing and continue to break the law. No fuckin piece of shit out exchange insurance. I feel better. Now I can be a criminal.

But am I a criminal really? I guess we will have to find out, I've never hit anyone in my life with my car, no everybody hit me. A few years ago, while I was crossing the wall of fire, a woman in an SUV hit me on the drivers side the back door, I got out, the door is pretty smashed in, you can't open it. I got out and talked to her, she was deaf, she almost started hyper ventiliating, her eyes swelled up, she was about ready to cry, I told her, it's ok, don't worry about, it's no big deal. It's just a car, an object. I let it go. To me, it's not that big of deal, for her, her whole world was about to end.

Now if I was within the church, they would say, you are PTS ok, any and all accidents come from this condition blah blah blah. But really, what happened, was the guy in front of me, I saw that he stopped but he stayed there stopped, long comm lag. I mis judged and assumed he would move forward but he just stood there. This all happened within a few seconds. The guy himself, is extremely slow and stupid. ok. He didn't speak english very well, couldn't duplicate what I was saying and assumed cause I hit him, I was gonna fuck him over. So, he'll have to take a journey and experience getting fucked over by the insurance companies like I did, then he'll get it. I'm not the problem, the insurance companies are. They are unethical and out exchange criminals.

So now I will be a criminal, since I'll be driving around without insurance. I really don't care cause it's not survival for me to contribute to this out exchange plus I really can't afford it. My insurance rates will go up from that speeding ticket and accident. Too much for me to pay, can't afford it. They owe me money as far as I'm concerned. For over 10 years I paid and paid and paid with this company. When I needed it, they fucked me. So now I fuck them back. I'll break the fuckin law and have no remorse about it. It's all about me and my survival. It's not like anybody is gonna do anything, I have no assets. Who gives a fuck.

Besides, people break the law every day, it's called illegal immigration, it's all justified for their survival, so that's what I'm gonna do, break the law like everybody else and it's ok cause it's justified for my survival. What comes around goes around. Remember, I was in insurance biz, I know how they work, I sold this stuff LMAO. I don't care about this piece of shit society. The rest of you, stay integrated in middle class heaven, worry about your insurance rates going up etc etc. That car, that object is more imporant than human life. And forget about your soul.

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