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My Story by Kathy Gold

In Regards To The Chase

Nobody wants to be chased by 1500 guys ok. I only passed out like 10 or 15 business cards on the ground floor, to my countess belle blog, hoping it would get back to Danny. It's impossible that 10-15 cards could get the buzz going in that short amount of time to more then 1500 guys. Remember 1500 is how many converted to my website, my webstats LMAO, from my info being passed around, so that means 15k or more men knew. That's alot of men in a short amount of time. I was set up by more then one person for more then one reason and I did nothing wrong other then go on a journey looking for my soulmate and of course being there and communicating. I committed no crime and some people assumed I could be taken out of the game for more then one reason.

But I'm still here. I came to not only play, but win. I'm back in the game, called the game of life. This will just be another moment in time. Most women would have run away in shame, embarrassment but not me, look at what I've already been put thru. If you want to be chased by this many men, I suggest you smooze Tommy Lee really really good, try sucking his dick LMAO or a threesome with him and his girlfriend. That might work. Or try something new, place an ad, a billboard, have a journey LMAO. Btw Tommy, you're not getting off this rock either LMAO have fun with Nikki for 1 billion years, that's the price you'll have to pay for your bullshit. I'm a jew, get it and nobody put a gun to your head and forced you to get a swastika on your arm.

Nikki's comm afterwards, I'm a Jew whore, really Nikki, how about you're an asshole whore LMAO. Watching me all those years Nikki, my website, online, reading my poetry, watching me grow as an artist, my artwork. Never once, reaching out to me. Reading into my poetry and assuming you knew me when you didn't. But instead watching and then you assumed you could go in for the kill. In Texas. You just assumed I would open up that door and spread my legs? I don't even know you, wow, you're a rockstar, big fuckin deal. I knew you were coming when I was in the hotel room, mental image pictures. I just didn't know what was going on. I assumed Jett. And I also knew, the room was wired, Donna's attorney's private dicks to prove long term affair on Donna for more money in court, after I got back to the hotel, a guy was waiting for me, dressed casual, older guy in a hawaiian shirt, I was standing there by the elevator, trying to remember which floor I was on, he whistled, looked at me, follow, so I did, he lead me back to my hotel room. You came up to the room, but passed by, you heard me scream, I had a bad dream, I laid down and took a nap after I took a shower from walking around for hours and hours. You were like I can see this coming a mile away, rape, fuck that, I'm outta here. I called for room service, got some food and split. I took an early flight home. I wanted to get the hell out of there. I also didn't want to open my curtains in my hotel room. The movie that was playing in my head was the stand, I was scared to open them. I got confirmation on that from your tour. The hand in the rollar coaster thing, btw he pulled that in huh that lawsuit LMAO What you assumed I would follow you to Las Vegas and be Nadine and you could be Randall Flagg cause I'm celibate? You know virgin and your devil bullshit card. Man were you off your game LMAO. Just remember, you'll never ever have me this life, next life or for all eternity.

And Tommy, how did that pirate treasure hunt turn out on twitter? Was it everything you hoped for and more? LMAO

And oh before I forget, Bar Sin, you saw me walk in, your first thought, of all the places in all the world. I hit all your sweet spots. You were at the bar, sitting, and talked to the girl I met there. You left on purpose. You split, you wanted me to remember. You also found me on myspace again and put 2 & 2 together. You're not that stupid LMAO. You sat there and watched me dance, shake my hips. I just wasn't paying attention, I was just dancing and then of course when Chris came over for that intro, Fabio Lite, he overheard you talking to that girl, he knew her boyfriend, you watched as she told me, that she just met you, you wanted to see the expression on my face. Then Chris beelined it over to me, you were like, same shit different day, I just said she was hot, whatever I want, somebody wants it too, just cause I want it. I was fresh meat, new in that place. So all eyes on me. And Catholic School Girl Domintrix was a homerun LMAO. 1st time out.

And yeah, Donna's attorney's private dicks, were monitoring your communication, emails, texts, phone etc etc, they wanted a return on their investment, time. I guess they were also hoping to blackmail Miscavige some how, after all it was in Texas, where Marty lives Their double bang. LMAO. Small world huh. Anyway, shit happens, I'm glad I'm me, ethics in and instincts, guts and of course my past lives.

And I know, alot of guys hacked my playlist, Ipod. Wow, did they figure me out from that? LMAO. Bozos and buffoons ok.

As for new tech, spy tech, I got the heads up on my way home, stopped and had a chit chat with this dude while waiting for the shuttle, he told, new technology, the gov, it bounces, faster to catch, I was like cool LMAO. Nice to know LMAO. You come on the radar, you stay on the radar. So I decided to stay and figure it all out, all one gazillion pieces. I love a good puzzle.

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