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My Story by Kathy Gold

I'm Now On The Market

August 31, 2013

I'm ready to start getting to know men, thru email and correspondence. I'm currently getting my life together and my businesses off the ground as well as losing weight. I'm 5'2 and weigh about 180, in about a year or 2 I should be down to 105, 110.

Then I'll be ready to meet you, dating, getting to know you in person. Here are my quals:

I prefer men older then me, I'm 46 so maybe 47 or 48, and 6 feet and over. I don't really have a type, the whole scottish, irish etc etc was a phase I was going thru, my past lives, I just didn't realize it. I don't discriminate.

My tagline: I climb him like a tree LMAO I'm all over it, with kisses, hugs, nibbles on your ear etc etc.

I don't have children, nor will I, this life. I'm also celibate, going on 10 years now. I won't have sex with you until we are married.

I prefer a man with no kids, I'm not gonna take responsibility for your child support payments nor your angry, bitchy, mean ex wife. So, if you want to spend the rest of your life with me, you better have trust accounts for all of your kids paid up, see Gavin Potter on this site. If you have to pay alimony, same thing. I don't want your ex wife or wives part of our lives. I won't take on that responsibility.

I'm not looking for you to support me, I'm looking to settle down and spend the rest of my life with one man. No divorce. If you are rich, I will sign a prenup. I'm not rich.

Feel free to reach out to me whether you are a scientologist or not, fleet or not. You never know, maybe it's our time to shine as a couple, live out our lives and get to target 3. I'm ready to fall in love this life, with you, you and only you. No ordinary man will do for me. Get it, stud. LMAO ;)

Updated October 19, 2013

After hearing abou this on the news, watching it play out in the past few days, I realized, I wanna adopt kids from fostercare. Not just one or two but alot. I want a big family. If this is a journey you want to do for the rest of your life, with me, feel free to reach out to me. If not, have a nice life.

I too don't discriminate, I don't care if the kids are black, white, asian, mexican, gay etc etc. I'll love them anyway.

Updated November 18, 2013

Change of plans stan, I'm gonna start my own non profit organization to help kids, I realized, I don't want to be a mom this life. This kills two birds with one stone. I get to help kids without being their mommy.

Updated December 22, 2013

FYI, I don't do oral or anal. I tried anal, 1 time with my ex husband, it was very painful and he stopped. In regards to oral, I've only swallowed once in my life and that was with Jon Mackinder. The other 5 or 6 times I did it, I spit it out. I gagged. I've had oral done on me from my ex husband and Jon Mackinder. They both gave me the 1st O but thru oral not the 2nd. I've never had the 2nd O, this life. They both gave me no O's during intercourse. Both shitty lovers, row, row, row your boat kind. I never felt loved by either of them.

I'm not interested in doing oral or anal. If this is sex you need to have from a partner, then we are not sexually compatible. I suggest you find somebody that is sexually compatible with you. I'm not going to convert, conform to your sexual preferences just to have a 2D with you or make you happy. There is no compromise with me on this issue.

My soulmate this life isn't into oral or anal and of course no threesomes and doesn't want me to be with other women. We're on the same page and are sexually compatible across the boards diagonal. He'll never cheat, he's happy the way I am, we fit, we match, he's the same way as me.

And I won't ever look down upon him or think he's not a man because he doesn't want oral or anal or threesomes or me with another woman. And if he's been with less partners then me in his life, I won't think less of him either. Per Jon Mackinder, I was the 2nd woman he ever slept with. Was he lying, I have no idea. But I will trace it all down LMAO. Background check on your 2D history, get my confirmation, so we can build trust and intimacy.

This is for marriage, the rest of our lives, not a fuck. Think of this as the beginning of our game, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. I'll get my recon on you and you get your recon on me. Confirm and verify. And then we'll share notes. dissect the data, info, together as one team. You can start here, after you're finished reading this entire website.

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