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My Story by Kathy Gold

I'm Not Taking Financial Responsibility

If you have kids from a previous marriage, like Jon Mackinder, I won't marry you unless your ex wife is dead as well as your kids, you know you are a widow with no kids.

I'm not taking financial responsibility, any responsibility for your kids, or your ex wife, why should I? I didn't have them, they didn't come out of my vagina. Your problem that you couldn't make it work with your wife or picked an idiot to spend the rest of your life with. And I don't want any drama rama from your ex wife because she thinks she can. My daughter needs a stable loving home and she doesn't need any drama rama from your ex wife either and all the bullshit she'll feed your children's head with. That will hurt my child. Not gonna cause my daughter any pain because your ex wife is a fucked up revengeful bitch. Your best bet, kill her off and maybe I'll replace her.

I'm first wife or not at all. Even Brad and Angie, I watched their journey together, she did Alexander and he did Troy, the next film, they met, Mr. and Mrs. Smith. He left Jennifer Aniston because she didn't want to have kids with him. Their agreement was after friends, they would start their family, she broke that agreement, Courtney Cox got pregnant not Jennifer Aniston. Immediately she went off to make movies. She put her career ahead of him and broke her agreement, friends would not have gone off the air if it wasn't for Jennifer Aniston. ok. A show I liked by the way. One of my favs.

When there is kids involved, it's a whole nother story. My daughter deserves the best family possible. She's already been put thru alot, like me. We deserve best of best, elite. It might be a man's world but honey, you ain't seen nothing yet.

Updated July 24, 2013

Not sure what I'm gonna do in this moment in time, based on this It's really based on the man I marry this life. Not really interested in being a single mom. I'd rather just be single and party my ass off. A child needs two parents not one. I'm not superwoman. If no man this life, then I'll probably not adopt. That is the reality of it. But I'm still not gonna take financial responsibility for past wives and his children. See my story, my side, if I wanted that I could do it with anybody. Not interested in being used again. But you go ahead ok. Your lesson to learn.

Intimacy takes years to build, I need to build intimacy first with my husband, then a child but in reality, I'll be in my 50's, really old to raise children, to be honest. Oh well LMAO

Trust isn't an overnight thing or chemistry. Trust and mutual undestanding take years to build as well as intimacy.

And I'm not gonna raise his children nor take any financial responsibility for them or his ex wife or wives. Why should I, it's not like he took any for me. Now if a man out there wants to step up to the plate and pay off my debts and do it right, fine. But let's be real, this is the United States, I'm closer to my 50's most of the men my age, want young bimbos who are easier to control, you know they don't miss their withholds. That's all I ever hear and read. To many superficial guys, like my ex husband, my church was my only hope, the men were suppose to look at your soul not your body or bank account. It's not the church I entered, it's now a wog church who only cares about money, status, and looks. Not interested in Scientologists from this church. He would have to be a rebel and from the looks of things, I'm it. LMAO. See this piece of shit community.

I'll never step foot in another church or temple ever again. Fuck everybody and their religious bullshit LMAO. Only a chaplin will do for me, on a ship, out there among the stars. The rest, liars, cheaters and cowards. Or same shit different day.

In my journey called life, I'll see if there are any real masculine men out there cause so far, I've only encountered feminine energy men. Every one I ever dated, had a 2d with, married, engaged to, btw Jon was not the first Scientologist who asked me to get married. I've been asked before.


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