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My Story by Kathy Gold

I'm Done With The Internet Industry

March 14, 2013

This company was the last variable. I've tried all the scenerios etc etc.

I'm also tired of everybody being jealous and intimidated by me because I know so much. That's their problem, not mine.

Let me repeat myself one last time, I've been in the internet industry since 1996, I have a computer programming background. I've built intranets, extranets, wireless, ecommerce as well as brochure. I've designed, developed and built at least 100 if not more in my career. And that's not including online marketing and promotion, meaning getting traffic to those websites so the clients saw results or ROI.

All those people you saw in the unemployment lines, when shit crashed, that was my generation, systems admins, server admins etc etc. They all left too, they had families to feed and mortgages to pay.

So while these stupid, idiot employers assume some younger kid can do it better and cheaper, good luck assholes LMAO. When you fucked us, you fucked yourselves LMAO.

You'll understand in the years to come, not everybody is qualified to be in the tech industry LMAO

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