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My Story by Kathy Gold

I'm not Gay and Have No Desire

I'm not gay nor have any desire to be gay. But I do know how to apply the Tone Scale lol

I've never engaged in any lesbian activiies ever. Ewww ok. It's gross and sick. I'm gonna be celibate for the rest of my life. Not gonna change my mind. I trust no man. I trust nobody. My soulmate is gone. If I died tommorrow, I would be really really happy.

If you want to be gay, then be gay. But don't knock me because I'm not. I'm hetrosexual all the way.

This was the product of the Church of Scientology's management team, David Miscavige. No 2d, go down the tone scale into apathy, no hope. What do people do when they have no hope, they think about suicide. After a while it get's boring, old, yawn.

So I figured out the loopholes. God won't care lol. He's been watching from a distance this whole time. He sees how others have treated me along my journeys. He's not amused. But has a big ole sense of humor. The arrogance of others, their own hatred and evil purps. The no taking of responsibility or accountability for their actions.

He's also noticed a pattern of behavior. Rewarding bad, unethical behavior with money while penalizing the ethical hard working individual with extinction. Forcing people to break laws in order to survive and not commit a sin.

The original bible had past lives in it. It was taken out, for control by a few men. Jesus Christ was a really OT guy, have you ever read the Dead Sea Scrolls? Very facinating read. lol.

This was the only way out for mankind. It's too late now. Everybody will have to figure it out because you can no longer cross the wall of fire inside a Church of Scientology. Too many lawsuits for money, personal gain.

Purchase the books and do it on your own time, your own dime. Or just wait. The choice is yours, God gives everybody a choice. And I'm not God.

Btw, after I was approved to come back on online in 2008 lol I was at Daphna Hernandez's house, a seminar, and a bunch of people from Flag came by to reg people for services. I spoke to this woman, short hair, very butch like lol she was on the ship with LRH and she told us a little story of how she got her post. See LRH was always exterior to the body lol and she was thinking about the post she wanted, but she never communicated it to him lol The next day, she got a letter saying she got the job lol imagine that lol ESP no, he got the comm, she's has low responsibility, she couldn't even fuckin open her fuckin mouth and say, hey, I want that post, that job. Get it lol It's just communication. He probably also saw her indicators when he asked her about the different jobs available lol. Maybe she flinched at one of them lol

He was spot on lol what can I say lol.

The bigger the being, the bigger the comm, the smaller the being, the smaller the comm, it's a soul thing lol Now you will know who's lying to you and who's not. LRH didn't have time for make wrongs or tantrums ok, he was busy expanding his church.

There's alot of people that are already OT ok, exterior to their body, they get the comm, they are just lying to you, to spin you, they are 1.1. covert hostility. Stop flowing these people power. If you leave and do your own thing, they will perish. They don't have the ability to make money and use you for it lol You are their slave get it lol. These kinds of people can go fuck themselves lol. Code of Honor. Buyah. And you're not crazy, they are using you, ground yourself in your warrior shit, get it. Bow to no man or woman. Don't commit crimes to make them rich, let them go to jail or get sued ok lol. We don't give a fuck about manners, we get the fuckin job done. It's their planet earth now, they can have it lol. Your freedom is more important than paying your rent, mortgage payment, or food or credit cards, ok. At the end of the day, it's all about your soul, you can't take money with you lol

If you are dying, fuck it, cross the wall of fire and go, fuck these assholes that have been using you so they can be kings, or Xenu's ok. They are at the top, they are responsible for you as their employee.

For example Merry Maids, they are breaking the law by treating you as an independent contractor, making you purchase cleaning supplies. They put you into a catch 22, you wanna work, then go buy your own supplies. Get it. You are an employee, they are taking taxes out.

They send you for a job, your gas, your time, your mileage, your insurance. They don't pay for it. They don't supply it. They only give you the basic supplies.

They know your shit is illegal or your paperwork, your documentation is fake, they don't care, they are using you so they can be rich and suppressing you. Report them, even if it's anonymous.

Stop being reasonable and taking on their condition otherwise you will never make it. Get another job ok. I know it's hard, look at me and what I've been through, these fuckin wogs breakin laws left and right for money and nobody cares. Do the right thing, do your complaints like me and move forward. Apply your ethics book and your religion Scientology. Just know they are lying to your face.

Not our cross to bare lol You think the Pope is gonna be mad at me for cussing lol He already knows my story, my side assholes, he's not gonna be stuck to this fuckin rock cause of other people that let him down ok, he's not responsible or accountable for the actions of other priests. You can't make a whole religion responsible for the actions of others. Maybe in a court of law but not on Target 3. Is he personally doing what David Miscavige is doing? No and neither is the Dali Lama ok. Besides, I already got his comm lol I can leave anytime with his blessing, after what I've been through, are you kidding me lol You didn't read my story or get my side lol

Updated December 15, 2013,

I don't hate gay people, never have, never will. See psych ops days and The Gay Federation. When I was crossing the wall of fire and going wholetrack, I picked up on others that wanted to cause harm to Perez Hilton, I was very upset, I felt like they or that person was going after him because he's gay. To harm him because he's gay. Hate crimes are against the law. I grounded myself in that life with Jett where Perez was our kid. I was very proud of him, when he explained to everybody that he knew he was gay when he was little. Most kids do. It's natural and normal.

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