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My Story by Kathy Gold

If My Words Offend You

Come and get me, you'll have to find me, and kill me. Take me out of the game. LRH aka Jett before his death was hit with 21 lawsuits lol One man. Ok.

I'm not a man, I'm a woman. I'm not responsible for the condition you are in, you are. I'm not responsible for your case, your past lives, your transgressions in present time, in past lives, down the wholetrack including OT3 when the universe ended. I'm not responsible for your soul. You are. I'm not God.

You can't handle communication, direct communication? Oh well, not my fuckin problem.

You wanna sue me for free speech, go ahead, what's the worst that can happen? Nothing lol I just won't show up, I'm busy working lol. To pay my rent and eat lol

I don't give a rat's ass about mankind anymore see my story. I'm done. I could die tommorrow, I'm ok with it, I have cause over my exteriorization, not that hard lol to obtain if your ethics are in.

Wow, I'm not rich or Tom Cruise big deal, that doesn't mean I don't have high ethical and moral standards.

And to cross the wall of fire, that's all you need lol. You can't buy your way to target 3. The real game, only best of best, elite. The rest are pretenders.

Oh no, we just won't buy her piece of shit art lol. We will ignore her advertisers, we'll complain to her sponsors. Go ahead lol. Remember, those actions, doing and not doing is also an overt, a transgression. Out morals. Out ethics. They know it's wrong and they don't care. These are the people who give religion a bad name. These same people are critics lol. These same people will never have cause over their exteriorization, get it lol They're soul will get fused and en-tombed to this rock for 1 billion years lol.

Updated September 23, 2012

Btw, where was OSA with these 21 lawsuits, that were filed on LRH aka Jett? Where was the ops running on these people? Per the report I got from Larry Roberts, it's written in the OT Levels, Jett was well aware of these lawsuits before he died. He felt, he was done, his body was old and he was ready to go, he also felt that by dropping his bod, it would be the greatest good for the number of dynamics, mankind. Beneficial to the church itself, so that parishoners could go up the bridge and obtain their spiritual freedom. The lawsuits would all disappear. And from the looks of it, his death, did that. Jett obtained cause over his exteriorization.

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