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My Story by Kathy Gold


If I Don't Make It

If I don't survive, just know, I wasn't responsible, you all killed me, you cut my survival, everybody on this website. Nobody to hold accountable but you, your actions of not helping me.

I'm not gonna lie, this is my life. I'm suppose to zip it in middle class heaven because I have to play a PR game to get work, pretend everything is A OK, meanwhile conditions aren't changing. I have to kiss people's ass or lick their ass, to get work, ok that's weird and wrong. These people want to be lied to, tell them what they want to hear so they feel better, that would be a lie, I'm not gonna lie to get work. Only insecure people google and wait, the rest get it, they're not fools. It's a great deal for them, they understand business, I can charge these prices cause I have no overhead LMAO but go to a big company and pay for their overhead, their rent, their employees etc etc. You won't get the same level of service or quality, but hey, you know it all LMAO get ripped off, what do I care. I don't, I win either way LMAO.

The main question you have to ask yourself is why is someone asking me why? Why do you need to know everything about this business, you're not the one with 16 years experience, you're in a different industry, do you hate your life so much that you want to do my job? If that's the case, go get a job as a web designer, go learn this craft and change your life. Go invest the time and money into yourself and take that journey. I'm not you, don't hate me cause I have more experience then you and have figured out this business and how to get results.

And if I die in between, oh no, they paid upfront, didn't get their product delivered, ok, not that big of a deal for them, it's a tax write off, they will save money on their taxes, online marketing and promotion is a tax write off, along with web design LMAO They get it, this is life, they have employees that die all the time LMAO

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