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My Story by Kathy Gold

If I Died Tommorrow

I have no regrets, my code of honor is in. What I experienced, how it felt, what it felt like to experience it etc will die with me lol that would be, what it felt like to cross the wall of fire and survive lol

I can only have a journey, walk my path. I'm not responsible for the universe ending lol. Nor was my kids or my husband from a galaxy far far away.

My code of Honor is in, can you say the same thing about you, your actions?

People take things for granted lol Like time lol Sometimes time runs out. Oh well lol.

Death is not the end, it's only the beginning lol.

See you, when I see you. Target 3

Remember, 1 spot on, 2 the spin and 3 confirmation lol That's all you need, go

See my financial situation, reality, not a joke lol

Worst case scenerio lol I'll just get some bitch like this one to take me
out of the game lol Either way, I win lol They're a dime a dozen, look around.

There are more things important in life then the pursuit of money, money is not the end all,
be all, it's just an exchange for products purchased or services bought or delivered.

Who gives a fuck what people say about me after I'm dead lol I'll be dead, get it lol gone, outta here, while everybody else will die and get en-tombed into this rock

Not gonna go homeless on the street ok and be some hooker, ewww ok.
I'm not an animal, my soul is worth more.

What do you do when all of your options have run out and nobody will help you?

I say, let them all eat cake lol GMO lo hee hee get it lol I embrace my darkside. It's natural, normal, the law goes by actions, not words. Freedom of Speech lol.

I'm not here to wake people up, I'm just here in this moment in time so that others get their confirmation and can split, cross the wall of fire in their own homes and leave planet earth.

Everybody else will get left behind. Scientologist's believe in God lol
The 8th Dynamic or the Supreme Being lol Atheist's don't.

And I'm sure some Christians will be happy knowing this tech is gone, nobody else will get a way off this rock and have to take their chances like everybody else. This is just a staging area, so God can sort it out lol the meek shall inherit the earth lol Reasonableness. Low on the tone scale. Low in Ethics, Moral codes etc etc.

And of course put money ahead of human life and discriminate lol.

Then the Pope can put out a Press Release condeming that group lol Or not say a single word lol

I guess nobody saw how Newt Gingrich was converting to Catholicism lol

Even George Bush

And Tony Blair

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