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My Story by Kathy Gold

If I Die So Will Everybody Else

I'm not here to be a beacon of hope or some moron. I put this website up here out of the goodness of my heart and all along my journeys I did nothing but take responsibility for others. But not one person took responsiblity for me.

So, if my piece of shit land lady gets her way, cause I have like maybe $100.00 in my checking account and the phone I just got put in, can't pay, they shut off, of course electricity bill is over $80.00.

Then, everybody goes with me. I'll make this the biggest implant for all you assholes to remember, so that after 1 billion years, you're mine. Your soul belongs to me, I'm gonna personally cause you so much pain, you'll never have an O, ever again. But death, you'll be computing and thinking about nothing but death. and you will never have another 2d ever again or a family. Your 2d and survival will be cut, over and over and over and over and over again.

You all cut my survival. One woman. And well, God, he's not to happy, he hoped you would have ethics change and become responsible and accountable for your actions. Instead you lie. So, you will all be held accountable and responsible for WW3, Jew or not. You are all part of the problem, not the solution.

Who kicks people when they are down? Little bugs, cockroaches with no soul. Don't need money to take you out of the game. I'm on my way out, so I'll go out in a blaze of glory. And laugh my ass off on my way to target 3. There won't be time to go to court for the tech. Court takes years. You'll have minutes. That is what you get and deserve for fucking over one good person who didn't deserve it.

My family members from OT3, have nothing to worry about, it's an instant free ride for them. An eye for an eye. Yours LMAO.

And I've suffered enough this life. My 2d line is cut as well as my survival, look at all the past employers, their business practices. So, I'm ready to go any time. I really am. Got no family, no friends, no husband, no soulmate, no children. Bills LMAO I don't give a fuck. The attorney that put that judgement on me, he can pay for it all. LMAO. And don't need to worry about losing weight or looking pretty anymore LMAO. I'll have a new body on target 3. Start fresh, I'll still be hot. And I'll be his daughter. So major power weilding.

We'll be setting up society the right way, no more of this bullshit out ethics. Like this land lady ok whose killing her parents so she can get their property ok. The police have to wait until it's done then they can investigate, while she's fucking this anti semitic kid on the side. I'm sure after she gets rid of her husband and gets the properties, she'll marry this kid and go, true love and he'll be like, I've got my sugar mamma. Ok. this is what's going on. Do you really think I want to live somewhere where this is happening? I can't move, no money, credit is shot. And everybody keeps cutting my survival, meaning to make money. I'm able, I can work, but everybody just keeps hittng me left and right. So, it's just better if I split planet earth, target 1. It's a win win for me, you not so much LMAO. I don't care about your children, or mankind anymore. You all fucked me so I couldn't pay my rent, so now you will get fucked and the mommy or daddy card won't help you in the end. The rest that were postulating for WW3, don't worry, your dream will come true, but it won't look like a Mad Max movie, no, it won't be pretty, you'll have to all experience it to really get it.

And Doreen is hoping the Government will take down my website LMAO stupid bitch, I haven't broken any laws or went and killed people, on a rampage. No, they will keep it up as a reminder to the whole world who was responsible and accountable and that means her too as well as everybody here on this website. Don't pin this shit on the US Government bitch, you are responsible and accountable. Not us.

Updated July 13, 2013

The game Nikki wanted to play with me, V for Vendetta, I would be the Evie character, in real life it's true and this church would have been the evil entity, a cause worth fighting for.

I'm celibate, going on 10 years now. Why would Nikki marry a woman he never slept with? He wouldn't. He's not that kind of a guy.

Anons were suppose to get me known, world wide and then Nikki would have saved me, be the hero. The most we would have done is slept together, no sex, some hugs. One time, for the PR to be authentic.

But everybody was more focused on killing one woman, who was a victim of this Church. Instead of doing the right thing, passing the info on twitter, making it go viral. They chose not to pass, not to forward. On purpose. Money, they were so worried I would get a movie deal.

The whole thing was set up for Anons to win, the money, the fame, the glory and jobs for a long long time to feed your families. All they had to do was the right thing. People around the world needed a release, crash of 2008 their loss, their grief, their pain. This was a handling to that, bring everybody up tone, give them hope for something better, like real Justice in middle class heaven. You were all so focused on killing one woman who is a victim of this church, your actions spoke volumes.

You were suppose to go on faith, trust but instead you went on greed. assumed one woman would beat you all and be top dog. A woman, really, you guys have teeny, tiny, little dicks and for sure can't give any women O's, not even 1.

You flew power to a mad man, named David Miscavige, to his church, so that tells us, the world you were involved in OT3, any idiot could see this set up from a distance. You won't be able to pin OT3 on one man, called Nikki Sixx. So my black anons, what happened to Farrakhan's family? Who did what? And of course the other Military men, my father was the Commodore, there were 3 other branches of the Military, Farrakhan was one of them, now what about the other 2? Who were they and what happened to them? I suspect, Anons, it makes common sense.

Nobody that has that much Gold in their hands, throws it away LMAO So Nikki, like I said, do your investigation, let the man upstairs watch your journey ok. My time has run out. I'm done with my Journey. The rest is in your hands. You don't need to post, this is just between you and him. Not for public view. For your eyes only, Truth, it will set you free. If he lets you off this rock, that's between you and him. The rest are fucked LMAO for their betrayal, they dare to call themselves pirates. That comes with a price. their soul.

Now the flip side of winning, defeat, loss. I already know, I introverted on it, there is a guy out there, that has access to nukes, and once I'm dead, ping, in the theta universe, he's on my 2d lines, he'll know when I'm dead, he doesn't even need a PR moment, it will be all based on past lives & emotion, his, loss, his grief, his pain and what will he do, come up tone to anger, frustration, and for his release, bam. That's all it takes but Anons, you all know it all, you know cause you are men and little boys.LMAO You have no clue what loss feels like, grief, pain, but you will now, he'll make sure and he won't take any responsibility for it, no, it's all your fault and I have to agree, all of the Jews, both family and work fucked me for money. Greed is a sin and 666, the number of the beast, money even non Jews like Christine Brown fucked me, for money, and she's a whore.

Every single employer I worked for was a Jew, both Israeli and American and they all had one thing in common, they all fucked me and cut my survival. Broke their agreements. Only one did the right thing without being asked. The rest, are too PTPed out on their own financial irregularities to make anything happen. Too much mismanagement, in their own companies. By their own hands. I think if they were stable companies, they would have different policies, operate differently or not. Maybe they would just be meaner and angrier. Most of these employers are all users, little Xenu's of their kingdoms, don't want their employees to live above poverty level, or have a family life, or even own their own home. What they want is slaves so they can feel good about having a job. Task masters, whipping and beating their slaves. That gives them a sense of happiness. Ok. That's weird and not American at all. So they are criminals. The one Jew was a brother in a past life, he works for the founders, God forbid I make them money, oh no, cause then they'll just lower it, it's too much for her, I don't want her to make that much money, how else would I control her? Israeli men are notorious for getting mistresses, they beat the women down, emotional and verbal abuse, they know you have no where to go, eventually sex in exchange for a job, for the privilege of getting raped, wow if I wanted that, I could go homeless and get it for free. I'm not a whore assholes go fuck yourselves LMAO. Is there any good Jews, out there, both American and Israeli? Who want their employees to succeed and thus their own group? Anybody?

Updated July 14, 2013 Where were you, when the universe ended? Who were you with? What did you do? How did you die?

Btw, I got the gov workers, feds, whoever's computations, years ago, or justifications, my name Kathy Gold was used in non english communications across the web. I used to google myself and saw that. Yet nobody in our government did anything. Their comm was, What do you want us to do about it?

It's quite easy to figure out, Kathy Gold = Scientology, I'm on this list, have been for years + Farrakkhan

Oh well huh guys. What do you want me to do? Big pharma wins, no games left to play. You'll have to figure it out and get yourselves off this rock, yourself.

Updated July 28, 2013 confirmation, my comm got out, my thoughts, my computations, my feelings, my emotions, buzzzzzzzz you can't stop this

My timeline 2-3 years tops. I will get a house, pay off my debts thru escrow and then drop my bod. I'm done with this piece of shit society. That's the plan if I don't make that, then it will happen earlier.

Reality. Btw not everything can be meaured scientifically, it's called faith, God.

I now have something to work towards, a goal. Something to get up in the morning for. To know all of you assholes that fucked me will be fucked, in the end, you did this to yourselves.

I have nothing to live for, but everything to die for. And no laws were broken LMAO.

For the rest, you have a headstart, 2-3 years, tops. Get your shit together, write your letters, end cycle and cross the wall of fire and get to target 3. The Jewish Federation.

For everybody else, wait, I'm sure God will come and save you ok. LMAO

Updated November 24, 2013

Good news, a deal was struck with Iran,0,1531480.story#axzz2ldJswQXV

I'm not restimmed on this at all, even if someone breaks their agreement and bombs away.

I don't give a fuck LMAO

The truth is at this point in time in my life, I'm not happy. All my hopes and dreams for a 2d, a family of my own got trashed and I was kept in the dark by everybody around me. They all didn't care that I won't have my own family this life, that includes my mother by DNA. I would never do this to my own daughter, it's extremely evil and it's not something I can ever forgive her for. It's too late for me, nobody wants to be a 1st time mom in their 50's.

She set me up to fail on this dynamic for more then one reason. This is what you people do, that you supposedly love, this. How does one move on from this? You can't. As I get older, they want me to look back and be in pain for the rest of my life. Ha ha, that's what I get for being a good daughter all my life. They assume they'll be dead, what do they care. They don't. I've worn the hat of a parent since I was 8 years old. They make the kids, the children the adults and force them to lose their childhood. They are out exchange as parents. Low responsiblity level towards the child, they don't give a rats ass about the childs future and no amount of therapy will change that. They just compete with their own children. It's a warped logic and they are not at home. Lower conditions as parents. Treason, betrayal after trust.

The relationship I have with her now, is just business, money,. nothing more, nothing less. Sure we can't go back in time, but what do you move forward to? I don't want to adopt. No. I wanted to have my own children by DNA. Nobody ever asked me what I wanted. Instead, my dreams got trampled on, taken away. I was the kid, I was the one that was suppose to be hatted. Not the other way around. This life, I got a shitty no caring mom, that is the truth. She never did anything to bond with me, no lunches, no brunches, no nothing, nada. I guess she got tired of being a mother.

I found out the hard way, that family by DNA doesn't mean they give a shit about you. Reality. So what are my options, I have none. That dream is dead. I don't go around adopting people at work as my kids or shit like that, never did, never will. I don't play that game.

So what game to play now? The truth is, everything here is too fuckin hard to handle. To much CI or counter intention. It's all paperwork, money and attorneys. If you want to help people, put in the proper reports, go fund raise, hire attorneys, that's all you are allowed to do. That's boring. Yawn.

You've got a piece of shit society where the abusers, the victimizers get rewarded and the victims get fucked. Look at my situation, nothing is gonna happen to Jon Mackinder and he got rewarded by this church for his actions. This is the example they set and have others aspire to. This church says it's ok to hit women, it's ok to make them go crazy and it's ok to use them for money. We have the tech, we'll make you a star. Let us reward you for domestic violence etc etc.

On the flip side, I can't kill him, even if I was rich. Where is the Justice for what he did? I can't kill this church's leader and their management team? They tried to kill me, watched me die over and over and over again and video taped it. Which may or may not get leaked to the press in the future by somebody that leaves their compound.

So what kind of a game can somebody like me play?

I guess just one, make a shit load of money and fuck everybody LMAO the big fuck you. I'll be hot, makeover with boob job and all. Clothes, bling and property. I'll be both, rich and hot. So, I'll just travel, spend money and party my ass off. Do whatever the fuck I please. I won't be in my 70's looking back, gee I wonder what it would have been like if nobody betrayed me. No, I'll be like I could give a fuck. I got it all. I won in middle class heaven despite all of you and your bullshit. I've got alot men from my past lives to say goodbye too, not all will be getting off this rock or going to target 3. LMAO.

I'm gonna go meet some smart criminals, from my past lives, pre earth. They don't play by the rules and they are winning and are happy. I've learned if you play by the rules, you get fucked and the people that fucked you get rewarded. I'm done playing by everybodie's bullshit rules. That will get you killed litterly. I think, it's time for me to live and break all the rules. The biggest fuck you ever. Breaking all the rules and winning in middle class heaven LMAO.

And somewhere I'm sure I'll run into my soulmate this life. He'll be like, babe, don't sweat the small things, you are lucky to be alive. Most people, look at their track record, all dead. But you, you're special, you survived and found me. We found each other. And I'm thankful everyday, you came my way and made it into my life. You are my love, my all, my life. And then I'll be 100% cause I know at the end of the day, when it's our time to leave, we'll go together to target 3 while everybody else including Jon Mackinder will go into this rock for 1 billion years. Or LMAO


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