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My Story by Kathy Gold

I Won't Be Returning To Bar Sin

I'm done with that game. I always wanted to go down to a club like that, in my 20's I was too busy working. When I was in Hollywood, I would see these industrial clubs, everybody dressed up, costumes, it looked so fun.

So in 2008, I decided, what the hell plus I knew Danny would not approve LMAO. I had the best time at Bar Sinister, I met some cool people who were nice to me as well as the people that worked there. Security was really nice, I got in with them first LMAO. I would go there alone, by myself.

I think the format has changed but back before the crash, upstairs the sex room LMAO open bondage. I went up there the 1st night I was there. I was not turned on at all, it was boring, yawn. For some people it was their thing to watch. For me, boredom. I don't get a sexual rise from this type of shit. This is how I'm wired. There is nothing wrong with me, nor my DNA nor am I crazy. If you are looking for a woman that does get a sexual rise from this shit, I suggest you find someone else. I haven't been back to Bar Sin since 2008.

I loved the dancing inside and outside was the stage for the bands. I got to dance my ass off. One night, I got up on the podium and danced like the rest of the go go dancers. It was fun, I wasn't on payroll, security let me do it. On another night, Tuesdays, anybody could get up on the podiums and dance. So I did. I loved it. It was fun.

I'm 46, not interested in playing with young guys. Nope, my husband, soulmate this life, we'll do it in real life, real games, I'll get to wear costumes, real role playing games. Our style.

Alot of people are afraid, that's their fear, not mine. One of the wins I had was, I dance really really sexy, naturally, normally, not stripper style, I just shake my hips, naturally, normally, I can't help it, it's how I'm built, how I groove. Anyway, at normal clubs in the valley or like at the sagebrush, you can't dance like that, everybody assumes you're a whore, at this club nobody treated me or assumed I was a whore. Everybody was very very nice to me. I felt accepted, for the first time in my life. Instead of rejected and ridiculed for how I dance. Everybody let's their hair down and dances the way they want and nobody gives them shit about it or makes them feel bad like they are doing something improper.

The first night I was there, I met a girl and started talking to her, she told me, she met her boyfriend at Bar Sin, alot of people meet their boyfriends, husbands and soulmates at Bar Sin.

Their annual Ball, I went, I dressed up in black plether corset with bright pink ribbons and black plether mini skirt and wore a black leather chooker with rhinestones, and mary janes, platforms or black pumps, I can't remember on the shoes. That night was magical. I was Cinderella at the ball. Mr. Deniro my code name for the head promoter let me in for free. I was waiting in line, he saw me and I got VIP treatment, I went to the head of the line and in for free. That night was awesome, I never ran into Prince Charming but I had a whole lotta fun. There were circus performers all over, twirling from the rafters, fire blowers. I felt at home, Cinderella at the ball. A moment in time, I'll remember and forever keep in my heart and soul.

I wore many costumes when on my soulmate journey in the summer of 2008. I went to alot of different Goth clubs. It was really fun. I made some of my own costumes like Naughty Girl Scout, Alice in Gothland, Catholic School Girl Dominitrix, Sexy Military Girl, I never wore the same costume twice. I went to thrift stores and bought my clothes there, to be real, authentic, my own. Not some cookie cutter out of the box costume. Nope, real, authentic, my style, me. That's the fun thing about these clubs, you can be you and it's ok. Nobody judges and picks you apart and if you are an aritst, it's great for inspiration, so much drama rama.

I still have some costumes I never wore but was planning, cheerleader LMAO is one. I never did the hot sexy naughty nurse, wasn't in my line up.

One of the games I want to play is Pretty Woman me in a wig, my husband in his porsche, pick me up & we drive over to the bev hills hotel or the chateau marmont, penthouse. Those are my kinda games, real life. The real shit. Maybe we can stay a few days at the hotel, I go shopping, my husband can go do polo or hang out in the penthouse, take a load off, then we go to the opera, in a jet or something, nice little mini vacay. I love room service ;)

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