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My Story by Kathy Gold




I Never Downloaded The OT Levels

I never downloaded them anywhere from the internet. I would have been out qualed by this church and I would have lost my bridge.

I always planned long term to get my bridge back. So while crossing the wall of fire, I read the news, they go on about Xenu and 3d movies, hypnosis etc etc, freezing people, helicopters, H2, etc etc.

I started going wholetrack, remembering my past lives and what those meant. I started figuring out my past lives and used those to get confirmation. I went right to OT 3 when the universe ended.

I'm not occluded meaning I can remember easily, my past lives. Memories. Most people read them, get hatting, education and they can't remember, it doesn't make sense to them, they don't just have misunderstood words but other issues going on. This is not cookie cutter, not one size fits all.

Unless you were there, in his past lives, at that moment in time, it won't make sense and what are the odds that you were there at that moment in time? Huge, long shot LMAO. 300 billion people all can't be at the same place at the same time. Common sense.

So if these holy scriptures are important to you, I suggest you go to Court and get them. My wholetrack is psychiatry ok, I am a wholetrack psych aka implanter. There is nothing wrong with being a wholetrack psych, it's psychiatry + past lives. I loved my job as an implanter, did that for many many many lives. From beginning to end LMAO. We knew about the GE, that was not a big deal. Another justification for animals, we zeroed in on the soul. More important then your GE.

We tracked souls, soul trackers, another program that was started, and it worked. Lot's of programs, tests, studies, trial and errors, I was there for alot of them. It's fun. We learned, you can't kill a soul but you can entomb it.

You say control of your soul, we say, to Protect and Serve the general population from people like you, that wish to do harm to our society including our future, the children.

LRH was a wholetrack psych too aka implanter and he loved his job. David Miscavige, not a wholetrack psych, just a criminal.

Implanters love artists, real artists LMAO We are really really creative with implants, it's an art form LMAO.

We all go into middle class heaven to take a vacay, load off etc etc Chill out and have some fun. Then next life back to work LMAO. We love our jobs, it's fun not just expanding the universe but making and keeping society free so everybody can have a life and enjoy theirs, crime free. All implanters don't need the OT Levels, it's built in, we perfected cause over exteriorization part of the job.
We are all well aware of pro survival computations and non pro survival compuations. How the whole thing works.

Update October 1, 2013

Where did I get this data from? The news and youtube. Not that big of a deal.

Any wholetrack psych aka implanter can figure it out LMAO just from the news, youtube, our memories not yours LMAO. My wholetrack, my pastlives, not yours.

If you are a wholetrack psych, you know how psychiatry works, especially for mainstream LMAO

Here's an example: they'll now hypnotize you to buy their products, their brand will be etched on your eyes and brain LMAO, be good little sheep and buy, buy, buy, it's so manipulative but once again, no checks and balances to prevent this kind of shit.

Have a headache, feel dizzy, go take some meds, drugs, shhhhhh, be quiet. Feel angry, used, manipulated, go make a complaint and then court.

Or go buy the car and feel better, voila, your headache, your pain will disappear. Really ok LMAO.

Where madison avenue meets psychiatry and psychology. Emotional manipulation for money and free marketing and promotion for them, you'll have to tell everybody about this brand, BMW, how great it was, how bad it was etc etc. Either way, they win, Free PR at your expense. They didn't pay you for promoting and marketing their product, they etched it on your eyes and brain and gave you pain. Now each time you complain, you are promoting and marketing their brand, BMW for free, which is out exchange but hey it's all about them and their well being, not yours.

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