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My Story by Kathy Gold


I Don't Cheat

I'm not the type of woman that will go out 2d aka cheat if my husband/boyfriend etc etc cheats. You know the game, he cheated so now pay back, I get to fuck someone else to even the score. No, I don't do that games condition. I leave. I'm out the door and I don't look back. I don't care if there are kids or not or a business or not. I will rip your life apart and make it a living hell, one that you will never recover from.

There is no way in hell of ever getting me back. I'm done. When you decided to cheat on me, you lost me in the process and everything that came with it. At any given time, you had a choice, that choice was to come home and talk to me, why you were having feelings for another woman. See how I handled Jeff Gold. I could have cheated on him, but instead, I chose not to. He cheated on me with my best friend when we were married.

If you no longer want to be in the marriage or relationship, simply say so and that will be it. No emotion, no drama, no pain, yours. It can end amicably, like adults. No need to talk about it. You want out, fine, communicate like an adult and I'll recieve the communication and acknowledge it. Ok, fine. We're done. Have a great life :)

As for my feelings, I'm an artist, I'll put it all in my art and move on. Next.

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