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I Didn't Really Want To Go Out Like This

Tuesday, November 27, 2012

But what are my options? I have none. This is reality and boy am I glad I picked my soul over money. Cause at the end of the day, that's all I've got. I came into this world alone and I'm going out alone LMAO.

This will be interesting. Once cable, internet, phone are gone, there goes utilities. There is no juggling anymore. You could do that before but now, after 60 days, they shut it off. I wasn't fast enough to get a job that would make my fp #1 within 60 days. Oh well. Most of the jobs are fake, not real, and they don't move, meaning they don't really want to hire anybody. It's kinda of weird.

Whereas Marty Rathbun got $100k head start on his new life, from his family by dna, I got kicked to the curb to fend for myself. I played the cards I was dealt. So here, nobody will remember me. That's ok.

Everybody will remember me, next life, after all I'm the commodore's daughter LMAO.I'm always his kid LMAO. Inspections, white glove.

As for your family by dna now, if you sense they are lying to you, leave their home as soon as you can, disconnect, split. If you want to survive, otherwise they will kill you when you least expect it.

What's the difference between now and then, I pulled in consistently $2k a month until my business started to take off, just two clients a month. Now my rates are lower, competition is higher and my fp is more. I had a higher profit margin. That's the only difference. LMAO. Sure, I could turn it around if I had a job, but I can't seem to find one in time. It took me 1 year and a half to get this job and look how that turned out.

Remember not everybody that I've worked for is listed on this website, missing data LMAO, you haven't lived my life nor walked in my shoes, you are not me.

And of course, there was no crash, it was the other way around, the economy was expanding, remember Clinton just deregulated the internet and made it available for public use. This time, a crash, not expansion but contraction. No new industry. No new growth. No expansion, stalemate, stifle. flatline.

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