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My Story by Kathy Gold


How To Handle Your Rage

Apply Way To Happiness, don't seek revenge lol It also applies for next life on target 3. I have alot of reasons, more than one to be mad, to be upset. Sure, I would feel great, killing everybody that fucked me over including my mother by DNA and her husband lol. How would I do it lol, easy, bash her head in lol repetition, but why risk my soul on this degraded being, she's not worth it and neither is her husband.

Why waste all that awesome rage lol I'll be channeling it to kill some bugs lol All of these people are on their way out, once they are dead, that's it for them including Tom Cruise. They all will be burning for 1 billion years. I'm not the only person, they have done this to and continue to do. Do you honestly think my mother by DNA only fucked me over lol nope, this is who she is, she continues to fuck others over on a daily basis. She's a degraded being like David Miscavige.

So, don't get mad, cross the wall of fire and get to target 3, that's where the real game begins. lol. David Miscavige knows he's fucked, why else would he spend all that money on bullet proof glass?

Eventually, towards the end, like all dictators, he'll barricade himself in and take everybody with him lol. Thank god, you are not one of them.

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