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My Story by Kathy Gold

Homeland Security Act

Running ops on people in middle class heaven falls under this, it's against the law, terrorism. So if OSA breaks the law, and runs ops, get your camera and video tape it.

Then, as a group, all the individuals that caught this on tape, will band together and file a class action lawsuit. Then we will settle, for more than $50k each and sign confidentiality agreements with this church and all go on our way.

Because of this website and me doing the right thing, I'm marked for life, he will always follow me, watch me, wherever I go.

If they break their contract for whatever reason, then I'll contact my attorney and file another civil lawsuit for breach of contract and up the settlement. Each time they break the contract, I will receive more money and so on and so on.

David Miscavige gets bored and is in a games condition with me, for more than one reason. So he'll say one thing and then do the opposite, or in other words, break his agreement, his contract, because he can.

So, these are my options in middle class heaven and I will use them. And yes, of course police reports will be filed, I'm sure that is what our attorney would advise.

Updated Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Why go civil on an old crime when we can get them on new crimes as a group, I'm not greedy, there's plenty to go around, 1 billion in liquid assets and real estate all over the United States of America.
If any scilons are undercover well, they can get their bridge for free and after they get fucked, they will be safe and go, shit, glad we did the right thing and applied our ethics book LMAO either way they win too, it will be confidential.

LMAO and later if they get fucked they now have an attorney to go to, so they will up their ethics gradient too on these criminals who broke their contract, their agreement and the LAW Homeland Security Act remember they'll have their PC folders, free bridge, easier to spin their case in and make them go down tone into apathy so they kill themselves, OT levels are just hatting not actually doingness, big difference, OSA figures, we'll just declare them, cut their comm lines on the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th dynamics, what do we care, we have all the power and they don't HA HA besides, they're DB's not our public anyway, so we'll just use them and abuse them until they have outlived their usefullness to us, our double bang or triple or quadruple etc etc.

Btw miscavige did pornstar girl hack into my email? LMAO Did she flip out and her solution was a big PR moment in time, a new cause, LMAO she would be the first of Scientology, Porn and Religion, a for sure hit on the newstands LMAO how bad girl went good after leaving this church, boy something I'm sure Tobin and Childs would love LMAO

To Siouxie Boshoff, I got that data about your past on Steve Hall's website, Rob Thomas was talking about it, in the comment section.

If it's true, then David Miscavige, played you. I don't care about your past, but if you took money to spread your legs, I don't think you're gonna cross that wall of fire in present time, for sure not in this church. When I was crossing the wall of fire, Jenna Jameson became my friend on my myspace page

I went wholetrack on Jenna OT3 LMAO, J, K it LMAO. Jenna who's not a Scientologist has a better chance of getting off this rock than you do. She did her effective blow at the AVN awards show, she told the group she was part of, I will never ever spread my legs ever again. Ok, as part of her acceptance speech. She was applying conditions, natually, normally.

Leslie Roberts was a pornstar last life, Larry's wife. I'm not a whore or ever been one, but, you'll have to do it by yourself, get the books, clear your MU's and let it rip, if you want cause over your exteriorization. If you don't care about that, then I suggest you go to Tobin and Childs, cause honey, you got played, you did the act, they used you and you agreed to it, you broke the law. So, to cover your ass, find a cause that people will accept in middle class heaven, and you can now be reborn, perpetuate the status quo, I'm no longer a Scientologist, accept me and go promote and sell your book. I would also recommend, do more than one so you can be a real author, not a one hit wonder.

I'm a pirate not a whore, I love doing the right thing & getting paid for it or rewarded LMAO who doesn't LMAO remember we're in a civil society so act accordingly.

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