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My Story by Kathy Gold

High School

I went to Van Nuys High and graduated from Grant High. I went to Van Nuys in 1982/83, I was in the stoner crowd. I smoked pot, wore a leather jacket and was a little rebel. I also got into a fight with Kirstin Clark on the day of the math topics test. Kirstin was dating Rich Boone before me and Rich got together. They broke up right before the summer of 1982. They both went to Van Nuy Jr. High.

I met Kirstin at Van Nuys High, we bonded over Rich LOL we both went out with him. Right before I contacted Danny, I got in contact with Kirstin, she's married and has a little boy in colorado. She asked about Rich. I told her, I didn't know, try I used to have a profile on there when it was free, that's where I watched Danny for years.

So me and Kirstin got into a fight, we were young, I set her up with a friend of mine, his name was Danny, Danny White, he had a 280z and was in 12th grade. After I set them up, she blew me off and I felt used. I let that build up. I ran into her and we just started yelling at each other and it escalated, I told her she was a slut. And I told everybody there what a slut she was, right there in the courtyard. She in turn, wearing turquoise jewelry hit me in the face, my lips were bleeding, I could taste my blood and then I lost it. I don't remember how, but the next thing I knew, I had her in a head lock and I was wailing on her. This big tall black girl pulled us apart. I was so upset, I just started crying. I was like 16 ok.

Her bestfriend Colleen went around telling everybody how Kirstin kicked my ass ok. My other friends were like Colleen shut the fuck up, you're full of shit. My friend Susan Proudman, she was very soshi, wore heals, Colleen was gonna jump in and it would have been 2 on one and Susan told Colleen, if you jump in, I'm gonna take off my shoes and take you on ok. So Colleen backed the fuck off. LMAO.

Mony, short for Mohamed, he's a cop now, Santa Monica PD, told me the story how he had to put Colleen's ethics in cause she was lying up a storm. Btw Mony used to date Kathie Wilson, there was a big bruhaha when the other guy she was dating Tim came back from where ever. Those two went at it over Kathie. Drama rama ok. Anyway, I got suspended for that fight. A mini vacay. So Gina, who was going out with Omar, Mony's brother, says to me, check it out, Kirstin is going all over town telling everybody she kicked your ass. I was like really. Ok.

So I confronted Kirstin again. This time my bf Cindy was with me. I went up to Kirstin and asked her, I heard you're going around town telling everybody you kicked my ass. She was like no, no. I was like ok. She then started telling me how her sister was gonna do sometihng I forget what but she hinted to her sister was gonna kick my ass, her back up. I was like, ok. I went to my other friend Desi who was not at Van Nuys anymore but at the 2nd half Van Nuys, if you get kicked out you go there, I think it's called Van Nuys Continuation School if memory serves me correctly. Anyway, I went to Desi and told her, hey I need your help, I need you for back up in case Kirstin's sister tries some shit, Desi was like no problem, I'll take her on ok. I get it. Desi was like 5'9 ok I'm 5'2. So I told Kirstin, ok about your sister, I'm not too worried cause Desi will come after her. Then Kirstin was like OMG and ran to the principal's office to tell them I threatened her ok. So me and Cindy got called in. Oh no, another suspension, wow I got Friday off LMAO.

Anyway the next year, I walked in on campus, I was with Sherry Gold, Jeff's sister and we just looked at each other and were like another fuckin year of this shit. Fuck that. I'm outta here. She agreed. She quit school. I went over to Grant High. The school where Jeff graduated from.

While crossing the wall of fire, I decided I was not going back to school next life ok, way too much drama rama LMAO.

At Van Nuys I did my test studies too. I was in Art History and there was a preppy guy sitting next to me. So one day I went to school looking hot and he was like helloooo, all talking to me and shit, then the next day, I didn't wash my hair, threw on some jeans, a t-shirt and he was like wouldn't even talk to me, he was an asshole. I did that like 3-5 more times to get confirmation on where he was at. He was a snob. I wasn't. I didn't like him on a 2d level. This was just a test about discrimination based on appearance.

My weight, I was 96 pounds. 5'2. Size 1 or 3, the old sizes. Chemin de Fers and Jordache jeans. I never wore the zipper pants LMAO.

So, I hated Grant High, my friends from Golfland that I knew were at this school, so transferring, I thought would be no big deal. But when I got there, they all acted like they didn't know me. I was WTF. So I didn't hang out with anybody. I went to my classes alone. I ate lunch alone. In 12th grade, I had only 4 classes, tennis was my 4th class and then I left. I went to work.

I had a pottery class and the teacher who was black btw, she was a bitch to me, every time I wore my leather jacket, she would single me out and give me shit. I even did extra credit. One day she started cussing at me. So, I got a tape recorder and taped her. I got sent to the principals office cause I told her to fuck off. My mother got called in, I whipped out the tape recorder and had the principal listen to it. I wanted to sue the school for discrimination, I had the evidence. But my mother wouldn't do it. So I got transferred to another class, it was called a conflict with the teacher, personality.

Now here's the weird part, the day I graduated btw one month before graduation, I wanted to quit, my mother told me, you went all these years, you might as well finish. I was like yeah, you're right. So, on graduation day, my mother was there and so was Jeff. My name got called up to get my diploma and there were a bunch of people screaming for me, clapping, cheering. I didn't even know who they were. I guess they knew me but I didn't know them. It was a surprise to me. Anyway for graduation, Jeff took me to the Hungary Tiger, the best place for seafood. That restaurant is now out of biz, it was started by a bunch of guys that retired from the military. I graduated in 1985.

I bought my first car with Jeff's help meaning he helped me pick it out, I paid for it, it was a 1974 mustang. Me and Jeff went to pick your parts to fix the headliner. So, while I putted into school with my $850.00 car, these kids were getting brand new cars like Toyota Celicas for graduating. Others got dropped off at school in BMW's. This school was snobby.

A note about Jeff Gold, I was the girl from the wrong side of the tracks, Oxnard LMAO he lived on Weddington street. I lived at 6861 Hazeltine, an apartment, #4. When my dad was here and alive, we lived upstairs in a one bedroom apartment. My mother and father stayed in the living room, I had the bedroom. After he was gone, my mother moved downstairs to a 2 bedroom and she became the manager of the apartment complex. Jeff moved in with me there. I was only 17 or so.

On a side note, Kirstin had her own set of problems in high school, her mother was gay, her and her lover would be in their room, and she would hear them tell each other how they felt about each other, her father and her got divorced and she felt out of place and her older sister had herpes from screwing guys left and right. She was only 16 and felt confused and felt out of place at home. So I understood, I had empathy for her. I got it, my life was different at home, but I too felt out of place and confused about my home life. My mother was fucking men left and right as soon as my father left. It was really embarrassing.

I felt like an unwanted person in my own home. All I had left was my mother and no where to go.Nobody else. My mother didn't care that Jeff moved in with me. He paid her rent. My mother would smoke pot with my friends. It was weird ok. She tried to hang out with my friends. Again weird. My father was gone, that was the point in my life she was suppose to be the parent, the adult, give me stability, but instead she went out partying, drinking with her friends and sleeping around. One night stands and some she brought them home, either I saw him the next morning as he was leaving or I heard them fucking from my bedroom. I was only 14 when my father was gone. I had alot of freedom at a young age but mainly because my mother didn't care, she was too busy trying to get a man.


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