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My Story by Kathy Gold

Hanover Funding

I started working there in 1987 or 1988, I had an interview with Stephen Goldfield, the owner. He hired me directly. I first started working in the loan servicing department. I was only there for a short time. The manager, not a scientologist and the woman that worked there not a scientologist, were having an affair and embezzling money from Hanover.

So the owner, brought back another woman who was a scientologist who worked there before. I believe the other two people went to jail.

Me and Stephen had an agreement that if I did highest evers, I would get a raise. A bonus. I was making only $1800.00 a month. I was like 21 or 22. The woman before me, a scientologist, Terry Novitsky, left to go work with her husband. I took that deptartment from a 2 man department and expanded it into a 20 person department. My department was closing loans on a regular basis.

Stephen Goldfield's personal secretary hatted me on Simon Bolivar, it was in the OEC Vol 7, for Executives.

I didn't hold the loan officers or investment counselors hostage or try to run a weird power trip on them. I understood, that if their loans didn't close, they wouldn't be able to eat, pay their rent, mortgage etc etc.

We all worked as a team, the entire company. I even got a staff award, staff member of the week. That was nice. After I broke records, Stephen Goldfield was not there, he was constantly out of town, doing whatever. It was his organization, we just did our thing, our jobs.

I got a bonus, my staff, including non scientologists all pulled together as a team and we turned things around, we florished and prospered. We went for about 3 months without pay. We didn't give up, we made it go right. The lady that was head of the management team, Charlene, gave me a bonus. She came to me, months prior and said, what do you need and want in order to make this target, so I told her and she supplied me with the resources I needed. So I made my target, we all played a game. She honored her agreement with me.

After Stephen Goldfield came back, he freaked out, I didn't know why at the time, I found out later, but he had a policy on his books that nobody that was salary would ever make more than $2k a month. So when he entered into the original agreement with me, he was lying. He knew and he didn't care.

He started firing people left and right, Simon Bolivar, take out mode. This was his group, we all broke records, made that company a shit load of money and he rewarded people by firing them. Ok. It was quite distrubing. I saw what he did to Janet in the loan department, I knew I was next. So, I went to work for Dean Glossup, as his assistant. He was a loan officer and an investment counselor.

We were all hatted on Simon Bolivar. Larry Roberts gave me the heads up when I got my last check. I also knew he was right and it was my last check. I just knew. So I left, quit.

The next week, when I called for my last paycheck, they were getting closed down by the IRS for non payment of their payroll taxes.

I thought to myself, how am I gonna go up a bridge at $2k a month, purchase a house, have a family etc etc. You can't. When I was the manager of the Loan Processing Dept, I was making $2300.00 a month, when I left that post, and moved over to being Dean's assistant, I was getting $2000.00 a month.

And now in 2012, you can't even buy a house with that money. There is no hope to come up the conditions and do the right thing, help mankind here on planet earth, target 1. Cross the Wall of Fire and get to target 3, that's where the real game starts.

To David Miscavige, we are just promo, marketing cycles, he doesn't value human life, like other people. They only care about money. Let their souls get fused and en-tombed into this rock, it's all ok. This was the major plan for everybody lol they just got it wrong lol.

Updated 7/14/2012 When I was working there, I was running case, I didn't get what it was then, but now I do. Mike Dawson was a new guy hired. He came in and started fucking with everybody that was productive, even my area, this was after I did highest evers. He too wanted credit and take over the area. With his clipboard. I on the other hand started running case, with emotions. The images were what looked like the Vietnam war, only I was never in Vietnam. I spotted Dawson, he got his people killed, he was like some captain dude, I was a woman, I didn't listen, and the people that did, got killed based on his orders. Me and the others that didn't listen to him, that refused, we survived. He was a pencil pushing exec with a limp dick ol. They love to give orders and get people killed. It's no skin off their nose. I don't think he'll be getting of this rock. His 1.1. ways and his enturbulation of coming into my area and trying to steal it for himself, pretty much did the trick. LMAO Remember I took that area from a 2 man department and expanded it, into a 20 man department, a working installation and this asshole wanted it for himself, just like Lisa. Anybody can fuck someone over and take their job but not everybody can take that job and really do it, get products. This was before I attested to the state of Clear. I'm a last life Clear.

So, while crossing the wall of fire, I figured that out too, my military wholetrack, Pre Earth. lol LMAO, Come on you apes, you wanna live forever, ground floor, troops with me. Let these idiots, pencil pushing execs with limp dix spin around lol In real life, sometimes you have to put your life on the line so that your crew, your team will survive, Code Of Honor. Not that big of a deal, just go pick up another body and continue playing, hee hee. The trick is to not die and save your team, your crew.

Updated 8/10/2012 He's dead now

To Larry Roberts, Dean Glossup,Jerry Carl and Leslie Roberts, how does it feel to know you are all fucked? LMAO. Super Power isn't gonna get you off this fuckin rock, deal with it. Money's great but it's not gonna help your soul. What did any of you do to make this world a better place? Actions? Not a damn thing other than throw money at it. Oh well, not my fuckin problem. You'll all be coming back to a dying planet, your 2d is cut here on planet earth. But listen to your master, David Miscavige LMAO notice her tongue, snakes, ophiuchus, we are the authority on mental health and Implant stations are going back, it's for the greatest good for the number of dynamics across the boards.

I know, that lawsuit above was bullshit. Nobody forces anybody to convert to Scientology. It's a choice, that criminal who filed that lawsuit along with her attorney, just know, their souls will be fused and en-tombed into this rock for the next 1 billion years. Money. Cause that's all that bitch cared about. LMAO

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