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My Story by Kathy Gold

Glasses and Overts

In my religion, if you have glasses it means you have transgressions, not neccesarily in present time, who doesn't have transgressions ok, nobody is perfect, it could be something small or big, each individual's transgressions are different.

It also means, your past lives are kicking in, where you died, in 1998 before my induced meltdown, like a couple of weeks before, I was driving to the store and my eyes, they hurt so bad, I was WTF? It was a weird sensation, it's hard to describe but, it was like layers were going on and off and it hurt like hell, my entire head hurt. This went on for about 1 min if that, maybe less, it went really quick. And then back again, my eyes, at one point I thought they were gonna pop out of my head, the pain was so excruciating. Now I have an analogy to describe the pain no needles though, just eye opener thing.

At first I was like, am I being audited from a distance? LMAO That's what most Scientologist's think ok, now in the year 2012 I get it. It was my case, my past lives, nobody elses.

If you have glasses it doesn't mean you are a bad person, it just means you've got shit kicking in. My mother wears glasses but not all the time, she also does it to be a little old lady, run that game, I can't see, please help me, read it for me and then of course later make you wrong, you didn't read it right to me, it's all your fault and I'm not responsible, get it.

Even Marty Rathbun and David Miscavige both wear glasses, but the founder, he never did. Does it matter? No. Go by actions, not appearance.

I think alot of religions have their own thing, their own slang, their own traditions, their issues. I love my religion, it's who I am, I won't ever change. I practice what I preach, ethics, doing the right thing, for my survival.

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