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My Story by Kathy Gold

Glaad and The Gays lol

I contacted Glaad regarding Gay Sea Org members, they blew me off too.

Being gay is a Civil Rights issue and down the wholetrack, I had children that were gay.

There was also a Gay Federation.

But I did crack my case and figure out how my gay kids and family members in present time can apply scientology, so they too can have cause over their exteriorization and go to target 3.

Mon, Aug 15, 2011 at 9:34 AM

To Whom It May Concern,

The Church of Scientology is violating the civil rights of gay and lesbian people within their employ.

Marty Rathbun has 30 years experience within this organization and has more knowledge on this matter than I do.

Top execs of the church were caught having a homosexual relationship. That violates their internal rules. They should have been let go, once found out but instead David Miscavige, their chairman of the board allows it, polices and monitors. Who made him god?

Glaad should sue the CofS for change. To abolish those rules and allow them to be who they are, openly and honestly without punishment and abuse.

It's a civil rights issue. If these two men want to be gay, then they have a right to be gay without the fear of punishment, abuse, ridicule etc.

Thank You,
Kathy Gold

The NAACP sees Gay Rights as Civil Rights Issue why can't Glaad?

Glaad's ethics are out. They blew me off. They are only an organization for PR, that's it. They will not save your life or help you. If you are gay, do not put your trust into these people, they will let you down, ok. I grew up assuming Glaad was an organization that would help gay people, it's a lie.

Don't look up to people like Perez Hilton or these gay celebs. If you are gay, embrace it and walk the walk, openly, honestly. There is nothing wrong with being gay. I know, you want to go to target 3. Do it in your home so nobody will throw you under a bus or end your life while you are crossing the wall of fire. And remember, no sex, during this time, stay celibate.

Take Krav Maga, ground yourself in your past life training ok. So nobody will kill you. And apply tech.

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