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My Story by Kathy Gold

Gianni Versace

In present time, I never met him. Around the time I was working at Survival Insurance, the earth quake in Northridge, I was having weird dreams. Billy Joel and Christie Brinkley, I knew they were getting a divorce before it hit the airwaves, like 6 months before. I was in their kitchen, in New York, I woke up and was like WTF? I was saddened, I didn't know why. Later, like 6 months later, it turned out, Christie Brinkley was having an affair on Billy Joel. They decided to get divorced, six months prior. I was like ok, that is so weird. I have no idea why I had that experience other than, Billy Joel must have been a dad or uncle in one of my past lives, pre earth.

After I started my own company, Digital Gold, I had another experience, this one, was totally weird, entheta weird. There were two men, and one was really pissed off at the other one, they were in a motel room and the older man told him, you're a nothing, a nobody, I can have another one of you, if I wanted. The older man pissed off the younger guy with his words. The younger guy wanted to kill the older guy. I tried to stop it, I felt like I was in the younger guy's body, I could feel his anger, his hatred, I kept saying, no! you can't kill him, no! He listened, he backed off. He didn't take a life that day.

Later the news hit, Gianni Versace was killed, slayed, a bloody mess. His picture was on the news. When I saw that, I was like that's the older guy from my dream. WTF? I'm not a fashion guru ok. So, I followed this case in the news, until they got the guy. Andrew Cunanan. Versace knew his killer prior to getting killed. He had an affair or one night stand with this guy. He killed Versace out of anger, jealousy. He was a nothing nobody.

I didn't realize it but when Tom Cruise was crossing the wall of fire up at Flag, so was I. On a gradient. So thanks Tom, for all your hard work and donations. You helped me cross the wall of fire, without you, I don't think this would have been possible. Audios, asshole.

Updated June 21, 2013

I had alot of stuck attention on Gianni Versace, alot of emotions connected to him. He was a family member either by DNA or thru work or the 3rd dynamic. I loved him very, very much in all my past lives. With him, I would trust my life. He's a man of his word, honor and dignity. He might be gay, but who cares. He always had my back, never let me down, and would never in a gazillion years throw me to the wolves for anything. He would die for me, if he had to. He was mob too. My wholetrack, my past lives.

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