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My Story by Kathy Gold

Getting a $10.00 hour job

Not that simple, I got the gas money, but the employers, don't move, in the past years, I worked for several different employers, some never paid me. Still owe me LMAO Some take taxes out and some don't. Independent contractor status. Most only 30 hours a week. Not 40 hours. So, at one place it was $8.50 an hour at 6 hours a day that's $51.00 a day x 5 days = $255.00 after taxes $210.02 not enough to meet my fp #1

And that same company, never paid me. Oh my solution, go to court LMAO.

So, last week, I met with an employer, he was honest, he told me up front, Mathys Law Group, in Woodland Hills, found them on craigslist too. Armen, told me look, I'm not looking for somebody that will move up or be a salesman making $1k or $2k a week, I'm looking for an assistant that will be support for those guys, only $400.00 a week. I was like that's fine. He was like I feel bad. I was like, dude, don't feel bad, you're helping me pay my rent and in return I'm helping you expand your company. Without my assistance, your guys won't have leads to call. He said, I'll call you after Thanksgiving and let you know. I said you can email me too. He said, no prob.

He also knew, I'm still an independent contractor, doing my business we chit chatted about the biz, he worked for someone who paid him $30k a month and he got him results too. He's not doing this. He's not into website stuff but is looking for another biz to start, I told him about merchant accounts and swiper machines, that's where the money is, only the tech is not out yet, level three, it's hardware not software. You can litterly drive thru McDonalds with a lap top and steal all the credit cards. This tech is not out yet to handle all swipers, hardware is susceptible LMAO I told him, dude, I'm going for casinos, one casino will net you $25 million a month but you have to service that account 27 hours a day and if they get fucked, then you are dead, so you better have your shit together.

He never called nor emailed. I called him on Monday to follow up, he still hasn't made a decision. Why is that and he didn't honor his agreement. Again, why is that? Who knows, who cares, the question in my mind now is, will he pay my paycheck? I'm not in a position to not get my paycheck for helping his company expand. Btw Armen, I saw that 007 on your desk dude, you're not fooling anybody LMAO.

If you are worried about OSA or the Gov, the IRS, that's your problem, not mine. You obviously have some money problems, and for OSA, what's the matter, can't you get some free PR, running ops back, have no balls, another girl LMAO oh well, not my problem Armen.

To fuckin funny, how are your guys gonna make their $1k or $2k without me? I guess you'll have to hire somebody that's fake, not real.

And Armen went on about how he couldn't find anybody for that job, he was just amazed at the applicants that came in. He thought I was fine, honest. LMAO. I guess that was a lie cause he didn't honor his agreement to call me when he said he would. He made it sound like I had the job, after our conversation.

But I get it now, he's full of shit and wants out of his own business, he doesn't want to do this anymore and can't figure out another business to start. Why is that? It's too hard, per Armen if the economy wasn't were it is, things would be different, but the reality of it is, debt settlement, really, it's some product people have to buy. This is not a real job. He's killing his own biz. Don't blame me for your shit. You put an ad into craigslist, I just answered it. You must have a really shitty product to begin with LMAO

And yeah this is what's called an un professional person. Nobody, who is anybody, does this to people.

Not honoring their word, their agreement. So yeah, he's gonna fuck the sales people that work for him, leave them high and dry.

August 26, 2013

So, after trying my hand in this business, I realized, the above scenerio, is a dream one that doesn't exist. But I'm still gonna do this business, it's a business I can make a living, hard work, in ethics and doing the things that have won.

I spoke to McDonalds, they are with First Data. McDonalds is so big, they get great buying power as a whole so if their franchisees leave, they will pay more money. From talking to everybody in the industry, there is no 1 account you can get that will make you rich, that's not this kind of business. Nope. You're looking at anywhere from $5.00 to $100.00 a month each account. Average $20.00 to $30.00 dollars. That is the reality. But I'm ok with it, I'm here to build. I broke the ice and got my 1st client a month ago, I made $5.00. Won't get a check until I get to their min of $100.00, just like my royalty free art sales, most of the companies won't let you cash out, unless you have a min of $100.00.

So, if somebody finds a job that will give you the big bucks like my scenerio above, let me know. Would love to play.

Only idiots and fools read this and popped their money fantasies. And that's what it is. Sure I won't make $25 mil but I'll make enough after 10 years or so to buy a house for cash. $400k-$500k I'll be 56. Then I'll probably be ready to date, for now, it's all about my survival. Me, me and me. Won't be taking care of any man ever again. I won't be cooking, cleaning for no man this life. Find another girl cause I'm not it. I need to focus on my retirement, how will I support myself when I can no longer work, social security won't be there, I suspect. And I still need to pay for taxes, insurance, food etc etc.

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