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My Story by Kathy Gold

Getting Stuck In An Incident

After I got arrested, in the back of the car, the cops started asking me questions about my religion, the cop on the passenger side, Is this a religion for celebrities or science fiction fans lol And I told him, I'm a science fiction fan lol. Cops are sarcastic lol as hell lol. I was crossing the wall of fire lol.

Anyway, he was talking about a person on the phone that called in to the police and told the police his neighbor was getting beaten. He would call over and over and over again. But each time the police went over there, there was nothing there lol.

That scientologist was stuck in an incident, out of present time.

Just like Amy, the scientologist I went over and gave a locational to, she went down to New York after 911 to help and met her husband down there. They broke up, got divorced but she was still hoping he would show up, her whole apartment was set up like he could show up at any time, the dining room table was set. And her entire home was 911, posters on the wall. She was still hoping he would come home ok.

She was stuck in an incident where 911 was a reminder. She told me, she still loved him, he was middle eastern. My first thought was, ok, he's a terrorist. I'm a republican and I read where Homeland Security said, Terrorists from the middle east are marrying women to gain access to the USA. To make connections. He's infiltrated the church. Quals, everybody knows about the psych quals. Get it lol.He's infiltrated that community. I read about how they would do that to mosques.

Look at my PTS Type A declare, look at the date, pre 911, what are the odds?

After I got out of jail, I went over to the Valley org, still crossing the wall of fire lol. Gladys helped me, in charge of HCO, Ethics. Will post a section on that later with KR's lol That journey was a trip too lol.

When I was down at the Valley Org, they told me to leave, they wouldn't tell me why. They only showed me a green on white policy. They wanted me to read into it. But I wouldn't.

The orgs aren't expanding and won't because of this bullshit, they're no longer honest, overt, direct.

This game is over. Apply tech and get to target 3. All the out ethics people will just lie, come up with excuses, let em lol They will be left behind, lol They are fucked, their souls will get fused and en-tombed to this rock for 1 billion years lol.

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