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Getting Results in Organic White Hat SEO

1st rule of thumb, for local make sure the keywords you pick, the searches are a minimum of 25k searches a month, for global a minimum of 50k.

Your best keywords will be 300k searches or more a month globally and 100k searches or more locally. Remember those figures from google keyword search tool, is blown up, inflated. Anybody can get to the first page of google for keywords that are searched like 100 times or 0 times. That's not the game. The game is to get results, traffic to your website that converts into customers.

Example a bakery with organic products:

As you can see, the keyword "organic cupcakes" would yield no results, too low of searches, nobody is searching for that.

But the keyword "cupcakes" would yield major results.

A person with organic cupcakes, can build their brand, which takes years and years of hard work and lots of money to hire a PR company to make that brand known. They also need to get distribution in stores like "Wholefoods" and grocery stores like Ralphs. If it's a retail outlet, or a franchise, again hire a PR firm, otherwise you won't get on the top of google for the keyword "cupcakes".

That PR company will also get the keyword "organic cupcakes" known too, so you don't have to wait years and years for the general population to know the difference between cupcakes and organic cupcakes, the benefits or the why you should get organic cupcakes instead of non organic cupcakes.

Your other option, pay per click, meaning paying per click for each potential customer. Will there be an ROI for a $5.00 cupcake if it costs you $1.00 per click? It might take 100 clicks to make that $5.00. If you are betting on big orders, that's a risk, a gamble. Find out the hard way, losing your money.

Remember, marketing is repetition, that potential customer might have to click on your website 5-10 times and go to your website 5-10 times before they decide they want to buy that $5.00 cupcake. So for that one customer it cost you $5.00 to $10.00. Is that profitable? Not really.

But Organic White Hat SEO is, once you've achieved that goal of being on the 1st page of google for your keywords that generate results for you, your business and your website, it's just a matter of management, long term link building, so make sure your team is with you for the long haul, otherwise, once they leave, you are now in jeopardy of losing that position, not out of spite but neglect, nobody replaced that person, is doing that person's job. So, if you don't replace that person, your site will slip, fall, lose your position, hence no more traffic, no more sales. Reality. Not everybody knows how to do this nor does everybody want to do it, it's extremely time consuming and tedious.

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