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My Story by Kathy Gold


Getting A Job To Pay My Rent

I realized in this journey, it's ok to get a job like a telemarketer and lie to customers, so I can get a paycheck, even if I know this company sucks lol. It's all ok, cause I won't become a hooker. Get it lol.

I won't have to die lol. It's ok to break the law to get ahead. Get it lol Do Not Call List, fuck that lol. It's all about me and my survival, everybody does it, so it's ok. What are my other choices?

I'm now like everybody else on planet earth, it's ok to fuck over others for money, as long as you can survive, ethics.

I might never get anywhere in my life, who cares lol I've already crossed the wall of fire and have obtained my spiritual freedom lol This is my way to happiness. And I feel great expressing my feelings about this matter.

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