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My Story by Kathy Gold

Gabrielle The Fallen Part 2

So, I also had a publisher in the UK, they got it right away, they loved it, they started selling it, the problem was the publisher went out of business.

I have nothing in writing with Hillary Clinton as my agent, there is no exclusivity, so who ever can get the job done, I will split it with you 50/50, I think it's fair as agents normally get 10% not 50%.

1 billion dollars upfront cash for this franchise, the long term return will be 100 billion or more, so this is fair and equitable.

I'm not interested in fame, I'm not insecure, just the cash, the money to fund my dreams, my admin scale, so I understand if you don't want the word Scientology or this religion associated with this franchise. You don't have to give me any credit as the creator, author etc etc, just the cash.

And if Hillary Clinton doesn't want to ruffle feathers because of her comm lines with David Miscavige and this Church, that's fine. It's nothing personal Hillary, it's just business.

If you have the comm lines and can get the job done, feel free to reach out to me. I'm busy working as a web designer in online marketing and promotion.

Update July 13, 2013

My landlady fucked me, she didn't want me to get my business off the ground, she was afraid I would make money and move.



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