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My Story by Kathy Gold

Gabrielle The Fallen

Hollywood didn't play the chase with me. I already picked up people's computation, franchise, Graphic Novel, Movies, Merchandise, Video Games. Religion and Sex don't mix, and now Pedafilia, PR in middle class heaven. I'm not coming into, I'm leaving, it's the long kiss goodbye No fun allowed in hollywood anymore, too serious, it's all suits and demographics. No creativity, no imagination, no risk, just recyling of old movies, the work of others or copying, nothing new, original. No more magic, it's gone, they only care about money, dollars and cents.

Boring, yawn, I refuse to convert, conform to the norm. I'm an artist dammit! LMAO

It's too bad really, I wanted Michelle Rodriguez to be the main character.

Too funny. It was a nice dream when I created it, it kept me busy, over 20 agents were interested, they wanted a script, they couldn't see it, they didn't get it, kinda like the Matrix guys. Oh well, huh LMAO I know, they couldn't see it, it was a graphic novel, yeah, major outpoint LMAO or stupid, robots, dumb LMAO.

I wanted 1 billion dollars, upfront, cash and a split with Hillary Clinton as my agent, 50/50 split, I was looking at her future if she wanted to run for the white house, she would need money to network, fundraise etc etc. I took responsibility for her and in doing so, I went wholetrack and realized who she is on my wholetrack.

She's a good person. Anyway, so that dream is gone. Wow, not that big of a deal, didn't want to be famous, just rich LMAO and of course not perverted, this graphic novel. I was looking at a franchise that could be done in different languages, video games for the kids with religion and to include other religions too etc etc, a win win for all in middle class heaven. I knew, there was no hope, Hollywood doesn't do big box office religion long term that's new, fantasy etc etc. Anyhoo they could have done the chase, they refused. Oh well, not my problem. I crossed the wall of fire and I'm good. It's not my passion to be a movie maker though I love the movies, it's an art form, story telling through moving pictures. Hollywood, you will always have a place in my heart. And you guys forgot about napster LMAO or Hee Hee

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