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GMO's and The Sea Org

They all know about GMO's, they were already hatted, years ago. When I came back onlines, I got my confirmation from Rob Chin who was my senior at Bridge in 1991. He told me, years ago, policy came down from uplines and hatted everybody on the food.

I didn't know. I sent David Miscavige books on the subject. I picked up his computation, looking for SP's, that's all he does. Apparently the same SP's that put Heber Jentzch in jail in Spain are the same SP's in the books. What are the odds lol.

So, yeah, the letter above is a lie. They act like I made them aware of it, they already know and hatted everybody down below. That's all these people do, is lie, even in writing. Don't trust them, don't believe them, they are liars, cowards and cheaters.

Btw, these same people that are hatted, eat this shit and don't care on a regular basis lol. I got confirmation already, they tried to do a farm but that failed, epic, incomplete cycle of action, I guess that guy blew post or was taken to the RPF, who knows. After the guy that was running their farm, split, nobody picked up that post. It's vacant. But David Miscavige is fine, he get's the best food around. Like I said, he sleeps great at night.

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