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There was a law that was defeated, Prop 37, this law was to educate the public. It didn't pass.

Monsanto, they are a corporation that patented seeds, they own them. Went around town suing farmers, putting them out of business. GMO was sold to the politicians as a savior of poverty. The truth is, it will be the basis, the foundation of destroying mankind. No more babies, it's in the baby food, and disease, it's in the intestines. It's been in the US food supply since 1995/1996.

The seeds have infected other crops, natural crops, cross contamination is irreversible. More disease will be coming and new ones will be discovered because of this, only one problem there won't be any cures.

I always felt like I had to make a choice, India or China, in terms of over population. It's a choice I couldn't make, but if I had to pick one in terms of where the next big thing would happen, I would have to say, India, there is GMO crops already and people are dying from the toxic gmo cotton, just by touching it.


You can't avoid, it's also in the restaurants including McDonalds, if you want to survive, you'll have to educate yourself.

Updated Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Really, they think this is safe? Hmmmm, genetically modified fish. My opinion, no, it's DNA is altered, modified, not natually, normally but in a lab. Mutation.


Who's bright idea was it to modify our food supply? The FDA is waiting before approval, that's because they didn't budget enough money on their approval process, you know payed off the FDA, the labeling process, so much red tape.

You can get anything approved by the FDA, if you have enough money.

Here's a list of all the shit it can cause you:

Btw, doesn't it say somewhere in the bible, no cloning? No soul. Our constitution, the amendments by our fore fathers, no cloning, They weren't suppose to mess with DNA, oh well huh. I don't like salmon, never did, not my type of fish.

Baby Formulas, your babies:

Updated 9/25/2013

Good News, you can sue Monsanto

Updated November 15, 2013

This will rise and affect men as well. Both sexes.

Updated January 3, 2014

For Jesus Christ to return to earth, he needs a body, born out of love, a man and a woman. No more babies, GMO's, no body for him to pick up. He's not coming back either LMAO. But wait ok LMAO

Maybe I'll run into him on the battlefield on target 3 LMAO you never know anything is possible. There will always be religion, where I'm going. The question to ask is which religions will survive, I know my religion Scientology aka implant stations, as well as Judaism and Catholicism will survive. My three religions. I can not speak for the rest.

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