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My Story by Kathy Gold

Frankie Starr

I actually dated Frankie. I met him at the cathouse one night. That was a wild night. I was on the dance floor, dancing and saw him, he saw me. I don't remember how but we started talking. Then the cathouse closed and he walked me to my car, he asked for my phone number and kissed me on the forehead. He was very sweet.

He called and I went and saw him, we started hanging out. One time I went over to his house and he was washing his car, he was really playful. We talked. At that time, I wanted to sing and he was already pursuing that. I was writing music, songs. And he gave me some great advice, I asked him, Frankie how will I know and he said, you'll know when it's your time to shine, you'll just know. Don't worry.

We continued dating, I never had sex with him. We just made out, kissing and well, one hand job LMAO. We were going down that road, but my friend Gina from school pulled me aside and gave me the heads up. Frankie was good friends with her boyfriend, father of her child. She told me, 1)Frankie is a slut, he fucks anything that walks, he does security down in Hollywood and all the girls drop to their knees with him and 2) he's married, they're separated. Watch my ass cause he's not that nice. I told her, I get it, thanks for the heads up.

I found Frankie incredibly hot, I mean look at him ok, who wouldn't LMAO. I was down at FM station back in the day and he would be there too. We were not exclusive, just seeing each other. Then he disappeared. I was like ok. No stuck attention on him really, no why, spinning etc. But I felt stalked. Like he knew what I was doing. It was a weird feeling. Anyway, so I was down at FM station and having a great time when low and behold, guess who shows up? LMAO Frankie, now he wouldn't approach me, he's just watching me like a hawk and we are not in a relationship nor dating. Nothing ok. And no comm. This goes on for hours at the club ok. He's watching me dance, he's watching me talk, you know the game of I'm watching you watch me etc etc LMAO.

So, I finally had enough and said fuck it, I'm gonna have some fun. So I went up to Frankie and we started talking. He was under the impression that I was gonna go away with him that weekend and fuck his brains out LMAO. He told me, he just gotten back from out of town and he was like me and you, we're gonna get a room. I was like really? ok. Let me ask you some questions, cause he was still married, by law, separated from his wife who had just given birth to his child. I asked him, do you love your wife? He said yes. I asked are you in love with your wife? He said, yes. I said, ok, then what the fuck are you doing here with me? That knocked him off his game and he said, I guess I'm not in love with her then. I knew then he was lying and just wanted to fuck me. As hot as Frankie was, I was not interested in this kind of drama rama, I'm not a whore. We ended the conversation. I walked. He wasn't so happy about that. He continued to stalk me at the club that night and I never saw him ever again after that.

Years later I was watching MTV and there he was doing an interview. I was at Vickie Stansfield's house when she was married to Alan and I said out loud, OMG, OMG, I was in shock ok and she goes, what, did you go out with that guy? I was like yeah I did LMAO, she was actually kidding ok and was then shocked with my answer. Anyway it was a trip to see him living his dream. In the interview he was in his car, a convertible, Frankie was claustrophobic, I found out later he died on his bike, killed while riding by a drunk driver.

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