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My Story by Kathy Gold

Forget Putting Ethics In On This Church

They don't need ethics gradients, if you try to do the right thing, by applying your ethics book, writing a KR, waiting etc etc, the truth is, you will come on their radar and OSA will cull your PC folders and run an ops on you. This is an insane solution and sets parishoners up as victims for doing the right thing, they wrote a KR and now they are a target of an OSA ops. To be watched, monitored and any problems, possible lawsuit, fucked with, terrorized, key in their case, past lives where they were killed by suppressive people for any reason. That is evil and not pro survival.

OSA does this all day long, just because they can, they get bored with nothing to do, not enough court cases, David Miscavige got out of non e with attorneys not the police and doctors, remember their 2d line is cut, no more children so, they will take revenge on the people that do. It's quite sick and gross.

As for asking anybody for help, please my grand father's sister, magda and her son Peter, I did that, they blew me off. They don't want to part with their money, they are retired and I was never in their equation for their retirement plans He didn't plan for emergencies. Magda gave me a check for $50.00 when I saw her, it was a gift for my birthday, but I never cashed it. I have no idea where it is. I'm sure that account is closed.

To them my father was a bum, the truth is, I'm sure my father asked Peter for a lifeline and Peter blew him off. The other truth is, while in Cincinnati Ohio, my family had their own house, car, they were terrorized, their lives were threatened, phone calls, threats, vandalism, my mother and father couldn't spot it and I'm sure when my father tried to talk to Peter, Peter didn't believe them, he has no confront of evil, he's a retired attorney and only cares about his survival. I was only 8 years old.

My father went to the FBI for help, then later went back to them and asked them, are you guys following me, he felt like he was being followed and I'm sure he was, I don't know if it was the FBI, unless of course they got it wrong too because of his accent. My mother had a meltdown, she couldn't take the suppression anymore, she ended up in the psych ward of the 2nd hospital. She was given psych drugs and she weened herself off.

After this my family sold everything and moved. We went to Germany, my father's sister, that's where we stayed. My father got paranoid in Ohio, because he couldn't spot the suppression. He felt more safe in a communist country than here in the United States. There was no help for my family here. My mother blames him for making her crazy, the truth of the matter is, people didn't like them because they were immigrants, they were terrorized. Not as bad as other people but, after my father went everywhere asking for help, he got none, nobody helped my father. My mother held him responsible for alot of things, it's not a right or wrong thing, I have compassion for both my mother and father and what they went through. I was only 8 years old.

So, this information this church didn't have, they never bothered to talk to me and just labeled me a degraded being and crazy and ran 30-40 ops on me and my family. My family was terrorized their whole lives, this was the last straw, all because I asked my church for help. It's insane and wacked. Read the books yourself and figure it out. Don't go near these people they will kill you in present time, take away everything you worked for, your hopes, your dreams, your life, your family, your livelihood etc etc.

It's a real religion but nobody applies it, not even them. So, I reached out to Peter Gabor and his mother Magda but they blew me off. What do you do when you get a job for $10.00 an hour but can't get there because you don't have money for gas? You can't walk there, this is not the mid west. So to make all these people right, that didn't like my father and labeled him crazy, including my mother, I'm gonna lay down and die. Then they can all go to court, and hold this church responsible for my death. It's a win win for them, money, restitution, fame, glory, etc etc.

David Miscavige's missed withhold, he didn't want me to come up the conditions, he spotted me in that video. He's afraid, I would out do him with money, make him wrong, they put me in a psych hospital but I came back strong, better then ever and look, I succeeded against all odds. His big serv fac.

His other problem, civil has no statue of limitations, so he's always worried that I will take him to court for his money. It's weird ok, you tell these people you don't want court, they don't listen, you know how hard it is to get an attorney for pro bono? I've contacted over 200 attorneys, they don't want to touch it. They don't want to play and I don't blame them, neither do I. No court means no court. I was only interested in criminal not civil. I was giving them ethics gradients, applying my ethics book. I had hoped, they would apply lowers and do amends, make a wrong a right, but they refused to apply their religion so they can be right. Court is not a solution to all of your problems.

Tom Cruise will have to sue them for the holy scriptures and money, both. Not me. He's the big movie star with all the fame, money, power and resources to pull it off. Not me. I'm not interested in their status quo Lisa Mcpherson and neither is my family, I'm sure it will be the free and clear property LMAO. What do I care, I'll be dead. LMAO.

And OSA and David Miscavige want this to go down, they want to go to court, OSA has nothing better to do and assume this will get other congregations to come in to their church. To them it's a win win as well as my family. New people to come in from all the PR of the court case. This is how he markets and promotes his church now.

Only it's sick and gross, twisted. Not how normal people promote and market. You go live my life and get back to me, tell me how you would feel after what I've been put through? So the SP's LRH was talking about, were the KKK assholes in congress, senate, washington etc etc remember it was the 1950's and 1960's. A different time. It's now 2012, a different landscape. Who will the new SP's be? I have no idea but I'm out of that game LMAO. Eventually David Miscavige will figure it out or not. Who knows and who cares. Nobody.

The real truth is, I will own all of their souls for not stepping up to the plate. That is the reality, their transgressions carry over lifetime after lifetime. No relief, as soon as they are out of this rock, after 1 billion years. I'll decide then what I'm gonna do.

While my mother hated her side of the family for not helping her when they asked, my father never said one bad word to me about them. He didn't hate them, no bypassed charge. She does, for not having her back as her family, her blood, her dna.

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