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Food Stamps

Went back on food stamps today, my case worker got the money thru but i found out from Oscar over at customer service because my ebt card has been dormant, I'll have to wait until tomorrow. I have to call the food stamps office and have them push a button on their comps so that my ebt card can be reactivated. August 21, 2013

As of today, my checking account is overdrawn at -29.00 and my paypal account has like maybe $6.00.

Mercury insurance got their $60.00 monthly fee that is required by law to have insurance. I still have to pay that even though Mercury insurance violated the law.

That's all the money I have to my name. Gotta call court tomorrow to see if the Santa Monica court will waive the $230.00 filing fee for my eviction.

Oh and I have no money for gas. When I called 211, all the food pantries were closed and the only place to get food was in West Hollywood.

Isn't this a great community. I can't wait till I'm dead and gone. I won't have to deal with this bullshit ever again for all eternity. All the people that contributed to my death are fucked long term, 1 billion years. Short term, they will all die in the streets and bleed LMAO They won't be winning this life. I'm not the only person they did this too. There is a price to pay and they will, their worlds will come crashing down, their past lives and kill them instantly LMAO They won't be crossing the wall of fire, any time soon, so no cause over their exteriorization. As soon as they are dead from their own bullshit, into this rock they go.

Updated Thursday August 22, 2013

Talked to the ebt guys at 626-569-1399 and the person, a guy, Peter, told me he would handle it right away and within a few hours it will be on my ebt card. He also said he would check personally, to make sure.

At 10:20am, I called and checked, it's there. Yay, I can go get some food and eat. Thank you Peter for doing your job and giving a shit about my survival. Keep up the good work :)

Updated Thursday August 22, 2013 1:05pm

I just got home from the store. Got groceries. How did I do it with no gas? I walked to the store, at the store, I asked the manager, if I could take the grocery store cart home and bring it back. She said yes.

Bottled water was on sale for .59 cents, a deal, I got the limit, 6 ok. I have to bring the cart back tonight.

Good thing I asked permission, if you try to take the cart out of the lot, the wheels lock up and won't move. The boxboy has to handle that so I could take it off the lot. Communication, asking, not assuming. Most stores have compassion for their customers plus she knew it was a good investment for her store, why buy 2 grocery bags full of grocerys when i can buy a whole cart full LMAO.

Updated Saturday August 24, 2013

Just got back from Wholefoods, they take ebt. My generation, tech. I'm sure if they didn't they would have gone out of business. They had a sale, my fav Santa Cruz Organic Lemonade, 10 for $10.00, $1.00 each. I got 4, different flavs. Peach Lemonade, Lemonade, Rasberry Lemonade and Limeade. Yummy.

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