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My Story by Kathy Gold

Figuring Out The Bible

I noticed when I was crossing the wall of fire, alot of people are figuring out the bible lol. All men. It dawned on me, hmmm God would send a woman, so men could figure it out. lol

Only I'm not that woman. And on that journey, I figured out the bible even though I'm not Christian.

Women go A-Z while men sit there figure figure think think lol Don't have time for that, I'm busy lol.

Who's gonna believe me lol I'm a woman and not some rich dude with a huge flock lol No men will give me credit and they'll say, she's crazy. Fine.

I'll play that role. I figured it out and I obtained my spiritual freedom at the same time. Not my fuckin problem that you can't handle or have the fact that a woman did it lol. Oh well. You wanna make me the devil, go ahead. I'll play that role too. I'm a selfish bitch, I don't give a fuck about your soul. Take that up with God.

In the end, only the Good Go Free, the rest are fucked lol including Tom Cruise

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