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My Story by Kathy Gold

Ethics Vs Justice

Ethics is not justice. Not in my religion. Ethics is conditions. Justice is court. In regards to The Church of Scientology ie their management team, David Miscavige etc etc.

Will they step up to the plate and do amends, RPEC for Aug/Sept 1998? Or will they ignore, and run away?

My analysis, is this: I do my race for the foster kids, PR, reach 1 billion people, then to save face cause everybody on the planet will know, then they'll reach out to me, we're sorry, ooops.

And I'll say, thanks but no thanks. You had a chance then, to do the right thing, but now it's just to save face, it's not geninue, real, honest. Not interested in their deception nor being part of their lies. Or spin city. As an OT it would be unethical of me.

In the end, that whole group can go into this rock, lead by David Miscavige for 1 billion years. He helped nobody but himself, the 1st dynamic. Jett got his computations before he died.


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