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Ethics Can't Be Put In On OSA

OSA including David Miscavige etc etc monitors me for more than one reason. This entire time, they have been there watching, they will just never admit it. Not just with private eyes, but internally.

Instead of applying their bible, they're like, good, she'll be dead, not our problem.

Yeah, do you see how sick this is? It's extremely gross. It's not how an ethical group operates.

They assume, nobody will know, their secret will be safe and they can continue on with their game.

It's not how life works, alot of people already know including the press and then after I am dead, they will come out and go to town lol. The game will be to get the church, management team etc etc, Simon Bolivar for their failure to apply their own bible.

Then the Press can go for it.
All the declared SP's etc etc they can all jump on that band wagon.

It's quite predictable. Boring, yawn. Anybody can win that game. Not that hard.

But who is actually willing to step up to the plate and flow power to one woman, who has the goods, PR wise and can bring it home lol Anybody? Well, then I walk alone on my journey. I keep going until I am dead lol.

The Guardians Office morphed into OSA. I don't know the statistics internally of how many lawsuits were stopped from going to court. Only David Miscavige, Marty Rathbun and Mike Rinder know.

They didn't learn from their mistakes, including Mary Sue Hubbard. David Miscavige and his management crew didn't learn from Mary Sue Hubbard's mistakes. They took it to a whole nother level.

They know that the government, the police etc etc, nobody is gonna shut them down cause one woman died. There has to be 1000's of deaths before that happens. This is how this society is set up. They were worried about going bankrupt. Their survival. Money. This society only cares about money. It's the wrong concept to have. Capitalism works but there has to be checks and balances. Per Marty Rathbun, the checks and balances within the Church have been removed by David Miscavige over time.

When LRH was still alive, he replaced himself from post, Executive Director, someone else ran it. All the orgs. He allowed other people to play the game. David Miscavige doesn't. He's now COB there was no COB until LRH died. David Miscavige has been on this post since 1986, he's not gonna leave until he is dead for more than one reason. Who cares. Let the idiots that are money hungary and facinated with David Miscavige's PR as well as Tom Cruise's PR go in for services lol. It will cost around $100k or more to go up a bridge, each person. This church is only for rich people now who only care about their reputation. They are not interested in doing the right thing, applying their ethics book, their bible.

They get upset and go to their ethics officer. Ok. That's not the correct application of the ethics book.

The ethics office is like human resources for a business. This is a church. I'm not part of this church any longer yet I'm still a Scientologist. They refuse to confront and handle. Apply tech, their religion.

They just get upset and complain, what's the ethics officer gonna do? Write a KR on me, do an investigation on me? lol Forward it to OSA, run ops etc etc. There is no court, so then, what's the point? .Nothing, it's a waste of time and resources. While they are so busy doing this, they could be doing other things, that are more productive, more proactive.

So the members of the church should be writing KR's on crimes, laws broken not complaints. Things like pedafilia, murder, rape, etc etc. Then do an investigation, find the evidence and route them to the police if it's true. Then put our a press release, with just the facts.

If it's false, have the accuser take responsibility, accountability for their accusation and pay for the investigation, the time and resources used. Or amends to come out of lower conditions. And of course include the victims of this false accusation into the equation. Part of doing lower conditions, liability, to be allowed back into the group etc etc.

Each church is run by their Office of Special Affairs. After my 1998 induced meltdown, I finally called Neil Sobol and he told me, it's policy, procedure. I was like ok. I waited till December 1998. I believed my church.

So, since Aug/Sept 1998, how many people has this happened to, that didn't die? I don't know. Maybe they had to figure it out like me and already crossed the wall of fire and left. Like I will. We're not cutting and running, we're done. We earned it. Others want to make us responsible for not clearing the planet, that is suppressive. Those same people will have to come back to a dying planet and do it or not. The choice is theirs. I doubt there ever will be an amnesty, that was then, this is now.

The people in the orgs, don't go out, door to door and sell books or promo. I have no idea why.

This church is on it's way out. They no longer have a division 6, everything Marty Rathbun said on his blog about this organization is true. This organizational system is not that complex lol. He was in the Navy. And his past lives are military too like mine, the Fleet. You can't go back in time, you can only go forward.

Updated September 30, 2012

As I'm no longer a threat to them, they'll just read cause they get bored and have nothing else to do.

Sunday, November 25, 2012

So, OSA and Miscavige could easily flow power to me, restitution, which is acceptable in this society, but they won't, they come by and read this website, you know their PR, hide their crimes, their mistakes etc etc so while they watch me die, they hope nobody will ever know, sweep sweep under the rug. I'm easier to kill off because I'm in non e. Their logic, not mine.

They have no intention of paying any restitution to me, in or out of court. They won't make any deals, they only reach out if you go to court, a lawsuit and they assume, she's crazy, a degraded being because of what happened in Aug/Sept 1998, see my story my side This is their partyline, deny, deny. Reality check you can't force people to take responsiblity and accountability for their actions, owning up to their shit. They either do or they don't so, when they don't, walk. Fuck court, otherwise, they will make your life a livng hell, ops running, stalling, etc etc, look at past court cases, if you want to play that game, then go ahead, if you don't, just let everybody know what really happened, do the right thing. This is who they are. I've accepted it. They make it too hard to win, their fuck up, their criminal behavior, they don't want their ethics put in. They want to go to jail, ok, this is what their actions say. They want to be arrested for the laws they have broken, not just me Aug/Sept 1998, see my story my side but others as well that you don't know anything about.

They assume, I'm open, direct, honest in a 1.1 society, so let society kill me, no jobs, no work. I broke a rule in middle class heaven, I opened my mouth, oh no, the people that want to hire me, will read this website when they google my name and go, oh no, I'm not gonna hire her, she's not financially stable to work at my company or do my websites etc, etc. So, they will use other people's fears of their money issues and their problems and turn it against them, just by reading LMAO. My mother also knows this too, everybody does LMAO

So, I'll continue on, let the chips fall where they may, after all I've got cause over my exteriorization and they don't LMAO Not my problem. Normal people, get it, these types of people aren't normal to begin with LMAO. And nobody wants to work for or with not normal people.

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