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My Story by Kathy Gold

Environmental Implants

It's where you died from environmental conditions, no air to breath, no water to drink, no food to eat, disease with no cure or the planet you were on just died out environmentally, overnight all the trees were gone and no oxygen so everybody died all at once, shit like that. Or Total Effect of the Environment.

So while crossing the wall of fire, I live in a dump ok. Alot of shit can turn on, but mainly it was OT3 when the universe ended. I got to experience what my GE experienced, felt, dying out slowly. Each day was a constant PTP meaning present time problem, food was low, water was low, no where to get it from. My GE told the story of one man, how he was in a home like where I live. He was by himself, and very sad, his only form of communication was the internet. To go online and talk to others like him. He knew, it was only a matter of time before he died, he was trying to prolong it. I don't know exactly how he died, just that there was some kind of blast, a wave of something that hit him, where he was at and he died, in an instant he was dead. I only know what my GE remembers. And the bugs he had, were huge ok, way bigger then mine ok.

I also got people's computations while crossing the wall of fire in 2010, remember BP just happened, anons lead by Moot and others like him were on the case. They were all over the planet trying to put ethics in on assholes fucking with the environment. I was reading a shit load of press releases, one of the things I got confirmation on was the web cams at the beach, they weren't working properly, so somebody might want to fix those ok. Anyway, I went A-Z on all environment shit. Start wtih GMO's ok. I'm a woman not a man LMAO babies LMAO.

Updated 6/28/2013

Those bugs btw were like animals, little dog sizes and cat sizes. He would kill them with his knife and eat them, protein, think Andrew Zimmerman. This is what it means to survive. With no food, water etc etc.

And yeah, that is what your children and their children's children will have to experience. I decided not to have kids this life, not gonna put my children thru this, have this on their timetrack as a mother that did this to them just to fit in with the jones ok, conforming and converting to middle class heaven. I'd rather have them remember me as the one woman on planet earth, that really loved them. Get the tech kids and get the hell off this rock. I love you.

Updated July 28, 2013 once that's gone, no going back, no do overs. no way to stop it.

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