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My Story by Kathy Gold

E-Meters and Psych Ops

After a few years, psych ops incorporated e-meters into the program. After each job, we'd all go on the meter. To make sure we didn't have stuck attention on mistakes. Little things that we forgot to do, so we wouldn't obsess over it and make more mistakes on future jobs.

I also had a whole crew that would go back and cover my ass, for example if gun casings were left or bullets etc etc, they would go back and clean it up, clean up crew LMAO.

I felt great getting it off my chest ok. And so did everybody else. It was an overt but not on purpose, it was part of the job. When you've got a job to do, you have to go quick., fast. Shit happens out in the field and you can't leave shit behind that can be traced backed to psych ops. Don't want the bad guys to use that to find HQ and wipe out our people, our entire crew. Or infilitration, again would lead to wiping out our peeps.

So, e-meters, worked. After each session, my needle was floating, I felt great, then off to a good nights sleep.


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